know your medical costs

your personalized health assistant

With Engage, you can see what's covered by your medical plan, compare the cost of services, and see where you've spent your medical care dollars.

take charge of your medical plan

The Engage tool, powered by Anthem, is your personalized healthcare assistant. This tool is available to enrolled participants in the Medical PPO, High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), and HDHP Basic when you log in to your account on the Anthem website or download the Engage mobile app. Consider using the tool to help you:

see how much you've spent

Review your medical claims to-date. Knowing how much you've spent can help you make benefit decisions.

compare cost of service

Protect yourself from overpaying by comparing the estimated cost of services and procedures from available network doctors and facilities.

what's your phase?

Your Chevron medical plan is structured into three cost sharing phases: deductible, coinsurance, and covered. Keep track of where you're at, and learn how your benefits change as you move from phase to phase.

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You can start using Engage in either of these ways: