work life balance

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Most people will agree, there aren't enough hours in the day to finish what has to be done, let alone the things that we want to do because they make us feel refreshed. Work is an important part of your life, but it's not the only part. There are ways to meet the demands of work but still make more time for the things you love. The resources below will help you find the right balance of work and home by helping you focus on your goals, decide what matters most, streamline your activities, and use resources and services that help you become more efficient.
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work schedules

Explore flexible work schedules to help you balance personal commitments with your work responsibilities.

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parents and parents-to-be

Parent-related resources for time off, bonding benefits, child care, adoption and surrogacy, lactation support, education and more.

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EAP and worklife services

Get help navigating challenges at work, at home or wherever you might encounter them.

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have you experienced a life change?
Have you recently had a major change, referred to as a life event? If you’ve had a new birth, adopted a child, have a dependent who is turning age 26 or experienced some other qualifying life event, you have 31 days to make changes to your Chevron benefit elections.

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