illness, injury and disability

absence management

Learn about the processes you have to follow when you miss work because of an illness, injury or disability, and the related benefits, programs, policies or leave laws that may be applicable to you depending on the reason for your absence.

We’re all human, and from time to time, we may have to miss work due to an illness, injury or disability. You could have to stay home for any number of reasons, but the process you have to follow to report your absence and the benefits for which you may be eligible is influenced by the reason for your absence and the length of time you’ll be away from work. 

disability management process

Most (but not all) absences are subject to the Disability Management process. Learn which are and the steps to report an absence.

short-term disability benefits

Provides short-term benefits to eligible employees who have a qualifying illness, injury (disability) or medical condition. Plan benefits are also available for time off to give birth or to visit a primary care provider to receive preventive care.

state disability and leave benefits

Several states have their own disability insurance programs or leave laws to provide job protection or other benefits.

leaves of absence

These leaves don't provide wage replacement, but they may offer some level of job-protected time off for certain family and medical reasons.

workers' compensation

How to report an on-the-job illness or injury and receive related benefits through workers’ compensation.

long-term disability benefits

For eligible employees who remain disabled after 180 days of disability or who have used all of their STD benefits and vacation time.