vision plus program

The Vision Plus program is a voluntary coverage option that provides prescription eyewear coverage at an additional payroll deduction. If you're enrolled in the Medical PPO Plan, the Chevron HDHP, HDHP Basic, any of the Chevron Medical HMO plans, or the Chevron Global Choice Plan (U.S-Payroll Expatriates), then you already have some level of basic vision coverage. Vision Plus is additional coverage for prescription eyewear that goes beyond your basic vision coverage. Any U.S.-payroll employee eligible for Chevron's health plans can enroll, and you can enroll even if you waive Chevron health coverage.

Plan group number: 30021085

important information for U.S. payroll expatriates

If you are enrolled in Vision Plus coverage, and you purchase eyewear or receive covered services outside the U.S., the nonpreferred (out-of-network) level of benefits will apply. However, if you use a VSP preferred provider while you're in the U.S., the preferred provider level of benefits will apply for covered materials and services.

do i need to enroll?

This plan is voluntary. If you are currently enrolled, your coverage will automatically continue next year. If you want to start (or stop) coverage, you must make an election during open enrollment. You can make this election only during open enrollment, unless you have a qualifying life event at a later date.

preventive care - vision

If you're enrolled in the Medical PPO Plan, HDHP, HDHP Basic, or the Global Choice Plan, you are automatically enrolled in the Vision Program for basic vision coverage. If you're enrolled in a Chevron Medical HMO Plan, your HMO Plan may also provide vision coverage. Chevron's basic vision coverage includes 100 percent coverage for an annual comprehensive eye exam, including dilation as needed, from a network provider (as specified by the Affordable Care Act). Contact VSP or your HMO plan to understand what's available.

find a network provider

The VSP provider network is made up of primarily private-practice vision providers across the United States. All VSP private practice doctors provide exams and have materials, such as glasses and contacts, available in their office. You still have the option to see an out-of-network provider for exams or to purchase materials if you desire. But note that the out-of-network benefit will apply and you'll generally have to submit a claim to VSP for reimbursement.

retail chain network providers 

VSP members can choose to see a VSP doctor, a participating retail chain provider, or an out-of-network provider. You can choose to visit a Retail Chain Affiliate Provider for added convenience and additional retail locations. These providers are network providers, so network benefits will apply. Retail Chain Affiliate Providers include Visionworks, WisconsinVision, Heartland Vision, Rx Optical and Cohen's.

did you know? 

We know many employees use Costco for their prescription eyewear. Costco is an out-of-network provider, so out-of-network benefits will apply. But, unlike other out-of-network providers, Costco can submit your claim to VSP. In addition, out-of-network coverage with Costco includes standard progressive lenses fully covered after a $40 copayment.

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