had a recent life event?

If you get married, have a baby, move or experience some other qualifying life event, you have 31 days to make changes to your benefits. If you miss this important deadline, you'll have to wait until the next open enrollment period to change your benefits.

talk with a health professional from home

With a virtual health visit service (also referred to telehealth), you can receive care for minor issues, right from home. Many of Chevron's health plans provide access to telehealth services. Learn more about what's available.

get in the know

get a second opinion

Get a second opinion from expert specialists on a surgery or any diagnosis you may be facing without the travel, paperwork or costs. And remember, for certain surgeries, your medical plan may require you to seek a second opinion to avoid paying $400 more in claim costs.

pay less for coverage

Participate in health rewards to save up to $750 annually on your Chevron medical premium.

preventive care coverage

Preventive care is an investment in your health. All Chevron medical plans include 100 percent coverage with no copayment, coinsurance or deductible for certain preventive care services when you see a network provider.