family care benefit


This benefit provides up to one week of paid time off per year to care for an ill or injured family member. Eligible family members include:

  • A biological, adopted, or foster child, a stepchild, a legal ward or a child of a person standing in the place of a parent (any age). 
  • A spouse, domestic partner, parent (including in-laws), brother, sister or grandparent.

eligible employees

All full-time and part-time employees who have at least six months of health and welfare eligibility service and who are eligible for Chevron health and welfare benefits.

when it can be used

Eligible employees can use the benefit to care for an eligible family member for preventive care (e.g., doctor’s appointments), medical care (due to a serious health condition), or for any similar purpose under any paid family or sick leave law that applies to you. You can use this benefit in a minimum of one hour increments.

how to request time off

You should notify your manager or supervisor in advance when the need for time off is foreseeable or as soon as practicable. After you obtain approval from your supervisor, you (or your time administrator) will need to record your absence on your time sheet.

how it works with other leave benefits

The Family Care benefit runs concurrently with applicable Chevron leaves and any other similar federal, state or local leave laws. For example, in California, Family Care will run concurrently with any California Paid Sick Leave (PSL), regardless of purpose for use. In cases where another applicable leave or law provides less than 100 percent of pay, the Family Care benefit can be used to make up the difference.

For example, if you work in California and are eligible for California Paid Family Leave (PFL), which covers 60-70 percent of your base pay (up to the maximum benefit amount as defined by the state requirements), you can choose to use both your PFL and Family Care benefit to receive 100 percent of your base pay.

More details about this benefit can be found in the Short-Term Disability Plan summary plan description.