absence from work

notify your supervisor

Discuss planned absences with your supervisor as early as possible in advance of your time away from work, and when you are unexpectedly away from work, notify your supervisor as promptly as possible.

There are many reasons to be away from work. Whether you’re using your vacation time, staying home because you’re sick or taking time off to attend to personal business, it is important to understand the rules and processes associated with the specific type of absence.

Whatever the reason for your absence from work, the first and most important step is to notify your supervisor. In some cases, you can request time off in advance and receive your supervisor’s approval. In situations where you can’t plan ahead, notify your supervisor as soon as possible.


Chevron recognizes certain holidays that align with general business practices in each operating area.


Chevron's vacation policy provides you with time off to relax and recharge, so you can be safe and effective at work.

your illness, injury and disability

Learn about benefits and policies when you need time off due to your own illness, injury or disability.

caring for family

Time off to care for your family, from welcoming a new child and attending doctor's appointments, to caring for an ill family member, and more.

attending to personal matters

Leave of absence policies provide time for bereavement, jury duty, military service and many other personal matters.

disability management process

Most (but not all) absences are subject to the Disability Management process. Learn which are and the steps to report an absence.