change your address

recently moved?

If you moved outside the area covered by your Medical or Dental HMO plan, you have 31 days to report your address change and update your benefits.

getting started

U.S. non-immigrant visa holders

If you are a U.S. non-immigrant visa holder (such as H-1B, L-1, TN or E-3), refer to the Expatriate Resources website (intranet access only) for important instructions about what you should do in the event you move.

changing your benefits

Changing your home address may prompt a change to your benefits - especially if you moved outside the area covered by your medical or dental plan - so it's important to report your address change right away. You have 31 days from the date you moved to make a change to your benefits, if required. If your Chevron medical plan administrator changes as a result of your move, be sure to call the HR Service Center to request that deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses you already paid during the current plan year be transitioned to your new claims administrator.

other considerations

  1. Update paycheck direct deposit bank account, if you changed banks (intranet access only).
  2. Update your direct deposit bank account for expense report reimbursements on the Chevron Travel and Expense (CTREX) website (intranet access only). 
  3. Update state withholding, if you’ve moved to a new state that has state withholding.

relocation benefits

If you've moved at the request of the company, be sure to follow the guidelines on the Relocation Program to receive the maximum benefits.

If you are going on an expatriate assignment or are repatriating to the U.S., you should also consult the Expatriate Resources website (intranet access only).