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As a reminder, the Chevron Employee Assistance Program is available at 1-800-860-8205 (available 24 hours) if you need confidential counseling and assistance during this time of change.

If you're leaving the company as a result of a selection event, you'll receive support as you transition from Chevron employee to Chevron alumni. Change can be difficult, but Chevron's severance and post-employment support are designed to help you move forward successfully. You have contributed to a legacy of achievement here at Chevron. Thank you for your contributions.

This website is your source for information, resources and key milestones related to severance. You can access this resource from anywhere – at work or at home. While most of the information provided here will be available to you after you leave Chevron, there are some resources and tasks you can only complete while connected to the Chevron network. For this reason, you're encouraged to review the information and resources available here prior to losing your Chevron network access. There are also key milestones you should be aware of to ensure you receive your benefits and have access to the special programs available to you. The information provided here, along with the personalized letter and other attachments in your notification email, make up your severance notification package.

The information on this website currently applies to eligible participants of the following severance plans. Be sure to review the information specific to your plan when reviewing information on this site.

Chevron 2024 Surplus Employee Severance Pay Program
(Effective January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024, leaving Chevron by December 31, 2025)

Chevron 2023 Surplus Employee Severance Pay Program
(Effective January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023, leaving Chevron by December 31, 2024)
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milestones and deadlines

This summary of important milestones and deadlines can be used in conjunction with the information on this website to help you organize and plan for your departure – both before you leave Chevron, and after. Download the summary.

program information

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During redeployment you'll transition your work and you may also be able to begin the job search process. Here's how redeployment works and what to expect.

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severance pay

A severance pay plan provides eligible employees a one-time lump sum payment to help cover expenses during transition. Learn more about this plan, how it works, and what you need to do to receive it.

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impact on benefits

There are certain benefits, such as COBRA medical coverage and your pension, that may be affected differently when you leave Chevron with severance. Learn more about how these and other benefits are affected and what you need to do.

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career transition support

Right Management outplacement services provide you with career transition support.

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education assistance

The SESP Educational Assistance Program reimburses a percentage of the cost of tuition, learning platform subscription, required books and fees for courses and training to help you prepare for other employment opportunities.

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relocation assistance

Relocation assistance support may be available in limited situations. Reference the U.S. Surplus Employee Relocation Program from the Relocation section of this website for information, including eligibility requirements.

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get benefit numbers

Here's how to preview personalized benefit estimates (pension, retiree medical, severance, etc) and information you'll want to refer to during the decision-making process.

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manage personal info

There are some important tasks you'll want to complete right away, before you lose access to the Chevron intranet network and your Chevron email. Get started here.

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talk to experts