long term disability

disability management

Chevron’s Disability Management program is a set of instructions and processes you must follow when you miss work because of an illness or injury. Compliance with the Disability Management program will ensure you receive any disability benefits for which you may be eligible.


The Long-Term Disability Plan (LTD) provides benefits to eligible employees who remain disabled after 180 days of disability or use all of their Short-Term Disability and earned vacation benefits, whichever is later. See the Long-Term Disability summary plan description for information about the types of disabilities covered. Employees who apply for or are receiving LTD benefits must follow the Disability Management Program.

Basic Coverage

Basic Coverage under the Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan can pay disability benefits of up to 40 percent of your annualized regular pay, up to the Internal Revenue Code limit. If your annualized regular pay is less than $52,500, Chevron pays for Basic Coverage of 60 percent of your annualized regular pay up to $35,000. Currently, this coverage is provided at no additional cost to eligible employees. You do not need to enroll for coverage; it is automatically provided. Participation in the Plan begins on your first day of work, provided you are eligible and actively at work.

Optional Coverage

You can purchase Optional Coverage to provide additional benefits that, when combined with the company-paid Basic Coverage, provide you with a total of 50 percent or 60 percent of your annualized regular pay up to the Internal Revenue Code limit. Note that even if you purchase the maximum amount of optional coverage, this benefit does not replace your pay in full. This is an optional benefit for employees only; you cannot cover dependents. You need to enroll to be covered by this benefit. If you enroll, you’ll pay the full cost of coverage. Your cost for coverage depends on the amount of Optional Coverage you select.

Enroll on the BenefitConnect website.

  • If you enroll within 31 days of becoming an eligible employee or when your salary first reaches a level where you can elect Optional Coverage, proof of good health is not required.
  • If you enroll at any other time, proof of good health will be required.