emergency event

As we work to protect the health of our company amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic and commodity market challenges, we must also protect our own health and well-being and that of our families. Taking proactive steps to address factors you can control is perhaps the best way to prepare for what may lie ahead. Start by reviewing, and taking advantage of, the benefits and HR resources available to you and your family through Chevron. This special emergency section will provide you with access to current U.S. HR policy and benefit updates you need to know, find resources that may help you navigate this challenge, provide quick access to manage common needs, and get answers when new questions emerge.

U.S.-payroll employees

Access information and updates specific to U.S.-payroll employees.

enterprise response

For enterprise notifications, business updates and other resources, please visit the Chevron COVID-19 Enterprise Response and Information Center. (Intranet only.)

enterprise disease and prevention

The enterprise disease and prevention COVID-19 website provides information about symptoms and transmission, prevention and treatment, frequently asked questions and more. (Intranet only.)