benefitconnect website

You are about to proceed to a third-party website managed by a third-party administrator for Chevron benefit plans and programs.

Access BenefitConnect if you need to:

  • Manage your health, welfare and pension benefits, including modeling your pension benefits, making open enrollment elections, new hire elections, and making updates to your coverage due to a life event.
  • Add or drop dependents covered under your health and protection benefits. You can also complete the dependent verification process on this website.
  • Start your pension and retiree health benefits.
  • Designate your beneficiaries for Chevron benefits.
  • Enroll and open a BenefitWallet HSA and change your payroll deduction election.
  • Manage your health and welfare premium payments, if currently on a direct pay status.
  • Access health care tax Form 1095 for the 2019 tax year and beyond.
  • View your Total Rewards statement.

You can access the website from a Chevron computer, from your home computer, on your smart phone or tablet with Internet access enabled.

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Use automatic sign-in technology if you are an employee connected to the Chevron intranet.

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If you are not connected to the Chevron intranet, please login with your password.

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If you are an employee connected to the Chevron intranet, you can use automatic sign-in right away. While you can register your account and create a password at a later date, we strongly encourage you to take this extra step to ensure all security features of your account are fully activated. If you need to login with a password to access the site, you must first register your account and create a password. Click First time user? from the login screen, then follow the instructions provided to register.

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need help?
If you’re having trouble accessing the BenefitConnect or My Total Rewards websites, call the HR Service Center for assistance.