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You've contributed to a legacy of achievement here at Chevron. Thank you for your contributions. The information here is designed to support you as you plan for the future, explore your options and make enrollment choices.

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Here's how to preview personalized benefit estimates (pension, retiree medical, severance, etc) and information you'll want to refer to during the decision-making process.

explore benefit choices

Plan to spend some time here to understand how your current benefits will transition, the decisions you'll need to make, and the timeline to make those elections. If you are eligible for Chevron retiree health and welfare coverage, be sure to review this information three to four months in advance of leaving Chevron, if possible.

Some of the decisions you'll need to make are affected by whether or not you are eligible for Chevron retiree health benefits. If you don't know if you have enough age and service to meet retiree health eligibility requirements, you should follow the instructions below to view your personalized information. Understanding your retiree health eligibility status will help you understand what happens to your benefits when you leave Chevron.

How to review your retiree health eligibility status

To see if you're eligible, verify your points, and your get your percent of company contribution:

  • Login to the BenefitConnect website
  • Go to I need to… on the top navigation
  • Choose Retiree medical eligibility
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If you are enrolled in Chevron employee health and welfare benefits at the time of your termination of employment, you and your enrolled dependents will be given the choice to enroll in COBRA continuation coverage. COBRA coverage allows you to continue your health plans beyond the time when they would normally end, such as a termination of employment. 

If you’re eligible for Chevron retiree health coverage, you'll also be offered the opportunity to enroll in COBRA coverage. However, be sure to review important information about Chevron retiree coverage before you make a COBRA enrollment decision. 

Get started here to learn about COBRA continuation coverage, including how it works, cost of coverage, and enrollment process and deadlines.
You will be notified if you are eligible for the Surplus Employee Severance Program (SESP Plan) and eligible to receive severance benefits when you leave Chevron. Information about how severance affects your benefits and action required of you will be communicated to you directly, but you can learn more about the severance pay plan here on the Leaving Chevron with Severance section of this website.
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manage personal info

There are some important tasks you'll want to complete right away, before you lose access to the Chevron intranet network and your Chevron email. Get started here.

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Are you ready to initiate your post-employment benefits? Get started here.
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leaving chevron late in the year?

If you're leaving Chevron October through December, here are open enrollment, health benefit elections and other considerations you should know as you are planning your post-employment benefit decisions: