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key deadlines & to-do

Use our consolidated list of key deadlines & tasks to help you organize the things you need to do.

learning timeline

An overview of Learning, Talent and Onboarding Roadmap integration activities is available through this timeline. All dates are tentative and subject to change.

post-transition information

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health & protection

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pay, time, HR systems

You now have access to Chevron HR systems, including SAP HR, Chevron's time and pay system.

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401(k) transition

You can now manage your Chevron ESIP account (401k), including changing your contributions and investments. 


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key contacts

For benefits, life events or other HR questions, start with HR Service Center at 1-888-825-5247. Other resources include:


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key deadlines & to-do

Transition tasks you may still need to do, like complete compliance and onboarding training, verify your pay preferences and time off balances, complete dependent verification, apply for continuation of care, transfer prescriptions, designate beneficiaries ... and more.



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enroll in optional benefits

Apply for these optional benefits starting January 3


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health, protection, worklife

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time away benefits

education sessions

You’ll have the opportunity to attend a variety of virtual and/or in-person onsite education sessions hosted by the Chevron benefits, compensation and performance management teams. These sessions are another way to learn about your Chevron pay, benefits and career and ask questions. Use the tabs above to locate current schedules and watch recorded replays.

introduction to chevron performance management: goal setting

These sessions, hosted by the Chevron Performance Management (PM) team, will provide you with an introduction to Chevron’s PM program – specifically the first step of the cycle: goal setting. Information shared here will help you prepare for required actions early in the new year. Please note: O&M employees will not participate in the 2023 PM program therefore their attendance is not required.

  • Open this schedule to review available sessions and to download a meeting invitation to your calendar.

time entry office hours

Join experts from Chevron’s Time Administration team to learn more about the time entry process that applies to you (it can differ depending on your job status). A series of office hours will be made available for employees while a set of training sessions are open to supervisors. Use this opportunity to ask questions, seek additional clarity and learn more about the resources that are available to you during this transition.

  • Open this schedule to review available sessions and to download a meeting invitation to your calendar.

Note: REG intranet access is required to review these recordings.

pension and 401(k) benefits

health, protection, time away benefits

chevron pay and compensation

other general integration sessions

plan ahead

Use the tabs above for quick access to key information, tipsheets and forms for the pay and benefits transition.

deadlines and to-do milestones 

research network providers

Follow the instructions included on our Find a Network Provider page to research the provider network. Note that all plans are displaying 2022 providers; 2023 providers will be included in searches on or after January 1, 2023.

transition tip sheets

prepare for dependent verification

If you enroll in Chevron health plans, you may also enroll your eligible dependents for coverage under the same medical, dental, vision and certain other health benefit plans. Eligible dependents include your spouse or domestic partner and eligible children. In addition, all new employees are required to verify the eligibility of any dependents you enroll in Chevron health plans. REG dependent verification/certification does not automatically transfer to your Chevron coverage. When you enroll your dependent(s) in Chevron health coverage, you will have up to 60 days to obtain and submit requested documentation that verifies your dependents are eligible to participate in Chevron’s health benefits. If you don’t provide acceptable documentation by the deadline, your dependents will be disenrolled from coverage. This is a one-time process per dependent and applies to all health plans that require dependent verification.

You don’t need to provide your documents at the time of enrollment, but you’ll need to return to the BenefitConnect website prior to your 60-day deadline to upload your documents. The easiest way to get started is to login to BenefitConnect and go to your system ALERTS screen (click on the bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen). Then locate the complete dependent verification alert. If you have questions, need help, or need to submit your documents by paper, contact the HR Service Center for assistance and next steps. 

Continuation of care (also referred to as transition care or orthodontia in progress) allows you to continue to receive care for certain conditions from providers who do not participate in your new plan’s network. You might need continuation of care if you are already in active treatment for certain ongoing conditions on January 1, 2023 and your provider is not in your new plan's network.


Anthem Continuation of Care
Chevron Medical PPO, HDHP or HDHP Basic

How to Prepare: Upcoming inpatient or outpatient care

If you have scheduled inpatient or outpatient medical care (for example surgery or other hospitalization, laboratory or diagnostic imaging, chemo or radiation) currently scheduled in early 2023, you should also follow these additional instructions for transitioning your procedure from your Wellmark coverage to Anthem coverage, if you enroll in the Medical PPO, HDHP or HDHP Basic. How to prepare for upcoming inpatient or outpatient care.

Medical HMO Continuation of Care

Continuation of care is not available under Medical HMO plans.

prescription drugs

Continuation of care is not available for prescription drugs, but you should still plan ahead to ensure you continue to have timely access to your medication during the transition.


Dental PPO

Dental HMO

behavioral health

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Plan (MHSUD Plan)

monthly premiums

snapshot: medical plan comparison

The medical plan comparison was included in the health, protection, work and life benefit guide sent to you in October. This one-page comparison provides the monthly premium, deductible and out-of-pocket amounts for 2023 for the Chevron medical plans that may be available to you.

Benefit summaries, including the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), provide summary information about your health plans, such as benefits, copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. This is an easy way to get basic coverage information about your plan. If you still have more questions about specific coverage details, we strongly encourage you to contact the health plan directly to discuss your personal situation.

medical, prescription drugs, basic vision

Medical PPO Plan

High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

High Deductible Health Plan Basic (HDHP Basic)

Medical HMO Plans

health accounts

Flexible Spending Account (HCSA)

Health Savings Account (HSA)


behavioral health

Chevron Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (MHSUD) Plan

Behavioral health coverage through your Medical HMO

vision plus program

supplemental health benefits and programs

Second Medical Opinion Service

Group Critical Illness Insurance

Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance

wellness programs


time away


work and life balance

long term care insurance


group auto and home insurance

This communication provides only certain highlights about benefit provisions. It is not intended to be a complete explanation. If there are any discrepancies between this communication and the legal plan documents, the legal plan documents will prevail to the extent permitted by law. Oral statements about plan benefits are not binding on Chevron or the applicable plan. Chevron Corporation reserves all rights, for any reason and at any time, to amend, change or terminate these plans or to change or eliminate the company contribution toward the cost of such plans. Such amendments, changes, terminations or eliminations may be applicable without regard to whether someone previously terminated employment with Chevron or previously was subject to a grandfathering provision. Unless required by applicable law, there are no vested rights with respect to any Chevron health and welfare plan benefit or to any company contributions towards the cost of such health and welfare plan benefits. Some benefit plans and policies described in this document may be subject to collective bargaining and, therefore, may not apply to union-represented employees.