global choice plan (expatriates in U.S.)


The page provides information and resources about health coverage for expatriates on assignment in the United States.

new! benefit coverage for at-home tests

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action may be required: enroll dependents

You have been automatically enrolled in the health plans listed below as part of the expatriate transfer process. However, if you have dependents, they have not been automatically enrolled in these plans. You must call the Human Resources Service Center within 31 days of your transfer date if you want to cover your dependents. If you do not notify the HR Service Center within 31 days of your transfer date, you generally must wait until the next open enrollment period (usually held in October) to enroll your dependents. Elections you make during open enrollment are effective on January 1 of the following year.

Who can I cover? U.S. health plans have special rules about who you can cover in your health plans. You can generally cover your children, your spouse and your domestic partner. Be sure to read all the rules about who you can cover under your benefits. Open each plan's summary plan description (listed below) and go to the Eligibility section to read the rules.

had a recent change in life? update benefits within 31 days

You must call the Human Resources Service Center within 31 days of a qualifying life event, such as you get married or have a baby to enroll dependents or make other changes to your coverage. If you miss the 31-day deadline, you generally must wait until the next open enrollment period (usually held each October) to update your benefits.

The Chevron Dental Plan (Expatriates in the U.S.) is the dental plan for expatriates working in the U.S. Delta Dental of California (Delta Dental) is the claims administrator.

Plan Group Number: 18368

find a network dentist

You do not need login to search for a dentist. Go to the Delta Dental website and look for Find a Dentist on the right side navigation. Choose Delta Dental PPO and/or Delta Dental Premier from the Select Network dropdown. Both networks are considered network providers and the plan will pay 100 percent of the cost for covered services, up to the annual limit. Be sure to search under both networks to see all available network dentist choices in your area.

The MHSA Plan provides confidential support for a wide range of personal issues – from everyday challenges to more serious problems. The MHSA plan covers treatment for mental health and substance abuse problems. For example, the plan may cover services for depression, stress/anxiety, parenting and family problems, relationship difficulties or problems at work, substance abuse and recovery, dealing with domestic violence, eating disorders and others. You're automatically covered if you're an eligible employee. If your dependents are enrolled in the Global Choice Plan, they're also automatically covered under this plan. Chevron pays for this coverage as part of its contributions toward your medical plan. 


  • For questions and assistance with eligibility, enroll dependents, or update your coverage after a life event, contact the Human Resources Service Center.
  • Contact your health plan provider directly for detailed questions about your expatriate health coverage, including what types of services are covered or claim inquiries.

This page applies to U.S.-payroll employees. This page provides only certain highlights of benefits or program provisions. It is not intended to be a complete explanation. If there are any discrepancies between this communication and legal plan documents, the legal documents will prevail to the extent permitted by law. This is not a plan text or a summary plan description. There are no vested rights with respect to Chevron health care plans or any company contributions toward the cost of such health care plans. Rather, Chevron Corporation reserves all rights, for any reason and at any time, to amend, change or terminate these plans or to change or eliminate the company contribution toward the cost of such plans. Such amendments, changes, terminations or eliminations may be applicable without regard to whether someone previously terminated employment with Chevron or previously was subject to a grandfathering provision. Some benefit plans and policies described in this document may be subject to collective bargaining and, therefore, may not apply to union represented employees.