employment and income verification

request employment and/or income verification from chevron

You might need employment or income verification if you're applying for a mortgage or loan, your references need to be checked or if you're leasing an apartment.

option one

Chevron HR system. Note that this link will only work if you have access to the Chevron intranet.

  • Provide a fax number for your requestor/verifier (lender, property manager, pre-employment screener).
  • Verification of position and start date will provide verification of your employment only.
  • Verification of position, start date and current year's earnings will provide both employment and wage verification.
  • Once requested, your verification will be faxed to the requestor/verifier within a few minutes.

option two

The Work Number employment verification service. Verifications can be done on the Internet or by phone. This is a good option if you don't have access to the Chevron intranet. This service is available for both current and former Chevron employees.

If you are a retiree receiving pension payments in the form of an annuity, please call the HR Service Center for retirement income verification.