SESP education assistance program
leaving chevron with severance

program highlights

If you’re eligible to receive a severance pay benefit, you may also participate in the SESP Educational Assistance Program. This program offers reimbursement of up to 75% of the cost of tuition, learning platform subscription, required books and fees (up to a total of $5,000) for courses and training to help you prepare for other employment opportunities as part of your career transition.

The coursework does not have to be related to the type of work you did at Chevron. You can be reimbursed for:

  • Courses offered by U.S.-based educational institutions and/or training providers (example: Udemy, Salesforce, Microsoft Virtual Academy and PetroSkills).
  • Courses aimed at developing skills, such as computer training, offered by vocational schools.
  • Coursework that is part of a program or learning platform subscription fee (example: Udacity, Pluralsight).

Prior to starting a course or training program, be sure to review the SESP Educational Assistance Program policy for more information about what is and is not a qualifying course and reimbursable expense under the policy.

explore your learning options

You have access to a Chevron-curated extensive listing of publicly available learning options, including function-specific offerings in trending career areas, many of which are eligible for reimbursement under the Educational Assistance Program. Access these listings on the Explore Your Learning Options site. With Explore Your Learning Options, you can dynamically filter, sort and search for learning options. Although not an inclusive list, you’re invited to take advantage of these options to jump start your educational search. Explore Your Learning Options is free for your use.

  • From the Chevron intranet: Access the Explore Learning Options from your workstation connected to the Chevron intranet. 
  • When you leave Chevron: You'll continue to have access to Explore Learning Options, but you'll be required to create a password and login. After you leave, you will get an email from Microsoft® with an invitation to set up an account, if desired. The invitation will be sent to the personal email address you provided as part of the severance process. When you receive the invitation, follow these instructions to create your account.
  • Download a PDF: You can also download a PDF document of the complete listing. You don't need Chevron intranet access or a login to download the complete listing.
This information is provided for informational purposes only. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. The listing of these offerings and entities is not an endorsement of any particular offering, and Chevron may not have a relationship with the parties listed. Individuals should investigate each.

timeline to participate

  • Qualifying coursework must start within two years after your termination of employment date from Chevron.
  • Qualifying coursework must finish no later than 2.5 years after your termination of employment date from Chevron.
  • A course started under U.S. HR Policy 125 - Educational Assistance as an active employee, but completed after involuntary termination may be reimbursed. See the policy for details.
  • Reimbursement forms must be submitted to Chevron no later than 2.5 years after your termination of employment date.

how you're reimbursed

Remember, you must submit reimbursement form(s) to Chevron no later than 2.5 years after your termination of employment date. Generally, you must receive a grade of average, C, fair or better to qualify for reimbursement. If you take a course offered on a pass/fail basis, you must pass to qualify for reimbursement. If there is no grade or pass/fail, then you must provide documentation of successful completion. After successfully completing a course, you can request reimbursement as outlined below.

Request a GO-440-SESP Educational Assistance Form from Chevron  
  • Important: Request forms are not available until your employment has terminated. 
  • Submit an email to Chevron that includes your full name and a personal email address where you can be reached. Request form now.
  • Chevron will verify your eligibility and then send a personalized Form GO-440-SESP to your personal email address via DocuSign.

Complete your personalized reimbursement form and return via DocuSign 
  • Attach documentation of course completion (example: grade report, certification of completion). Verification from an authorized school official or course instructor can be used in lieu of successful completion documentation (example: signed letter or email).
  • Attach receipts for qualifying expenses.

More information about qualifying expenses and coursework and taxation of reimbursements is available in the SESP Educational Assistance Program Policy.

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