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The following pictures and information are provided to help employees who are considering an assignment in Neuquén, Argentina to see what it is like to live and work there.
Argentina is located on primarily on the southern half of South America. It is the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world. The country has a population of roughly 42 million people. Neuquén city is in the central-southern region of the country and is the largest city in Patagonia with over 340,000 people. The city is experiencing a large amount of growth given the discoveries of vast oil reserves and presence of other oil and services companies.
Neuquén has an arid climate with low precipitation throughout the year. The average annual temperature is between 14-15 degrees Celsius (57 – 59 degrees Fahrenheit). The summer months of December and January have an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit), while it can reach 6 degrees Celsius (43 degrees Fahrenheit) in the winter months. Argentina does not participate in daylight savings time and is on GMT -3 time zone.
There is one major airport in Neuquén that primarily serves domestic locations with some international flights – Presidente Perón International Airport. There are multiple flights per day to the domestic airport in Buenos Aires, from which you can get to additional international destinations after transferring airports.
The official language in Argentina is Spanish. In the field environment, Spanish is the common language. In the office, English is spoken for work-related matters when interacting with senior leaders. That said, it is highly encouraged to have at minimum a conversational proficiency of Spanish as very few locals speak English outside of the office.

work environment

There are a few types of assignments that are based in Neuquén.

  • Assignment located in El Trapial Field location.

YPF secondee assignments

Chevron has a partnership with YPF, an Argentine energy company and has secondee assignments with the corporation.

  • Secondee assignment to YPF located in Neuquén City.
  • Secondee assignment to YPF located in the Loma Campana Field.
    • Note that the field is a 2 hour commute each way, so much of the expatriate’s time is spent commuting.


Neuquén has an extremely tight housing market. Be prepared for the process to find permanent accommodations to take up to 2-3 months. Much of the housing available is older and may require additional maintenance, but there are newer accommodations starting to become available throughout the city.

There are certain pre-approved areas throughout Neuquén city where most expatriates live, though availability is limited. Chevron global security is required to approve all housing that is not in pre-approved gated communities.


Schooling is difficult to secure in Neuquén due to limited availability. School age children typically attend the Sunrise School which is on the British school system.

There is not a 100% English schooling option in Neuquén, but the Sunrise School curriculum is 50% English and 50% Spanish. Without prior knowledge of the language, this can be a significant hardship for students. The Sunrise School could also present a hardship for children with special needs as it is made up of several separate buildings.

There is limited pre-school availability and it is not the typical US standard. The most common jardín (preschool) is called Maternal / Jardín de Infantes “Eureka”. Preschool is mandatory for children starting at age 4.
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support services

Neuquén is largely a cash economy with most transactions being done in the Argentine peso. Most places of business accept credit or debit cards, but it is not guaranteed. Many expatriates obtain debit cards in their home countries that do not charge or reimburse international service or non-network ATM fees.

Expatriates in Neuquén use the ICBC Bank. The banks accounts will be set up upon the expat’s arrival to Argentina.
Neuquén is a relatively safe place to live. The biggest threat to safety and security is petty theft (pick pocketing and bag snatching) throughout the city. Expatriates and their families should always maintain awareness of the environment. For example, avoid wearing expensive or imitation jewelry and watches. Do not carry excessive amounts of cash. Do not use public transportation at night.

All visitors are required to attend a security briefing. Newly arrived expatriates and their families are given a thorough overview on security including company guidelines, necessary precautions, as well as other important topics applicable to the location. All expatriates have access to the 24/7 CECON hotline if there are any issues.
Chevron pouch mail service is available to expatriates with regular frequency.
In addition to benefits determined by their home-country payroll, expatriates and dependents will also be enrolled in the local medical plan provided by Swiss Medical Group. This plan is considered premium in the local market. Swiss Medical also has an English-speaking liaison to help expatriates with medical appointments. Upon arrival, expatriates will receive a medical briefing to review options.


There is a small selection of grocery stores throughout the city that contain multiple products and brands. Additionally, there are storefronts and markets that specialize in different things like fruits & vegetables, meat, and other goods.

Please note that the prices for things like clothing/shoes, sporting goods, and electronics tend to be higher in Argentina than other places around the world, but they are available. Alto Comahue Shopping is an example of a larger shopping space in the city that contains many storefronts.


For non-professional transportation, resident expatriates must obtain a driver’s license from Argentina if they wish to drive throughout the city. A car loan is provided and the expatriates can decide to purchase a vehicle in Argentina. Some expatriates qualify for car service depending on the assignment.

recreation and entertainment

Neuquén is located near the Patagonia region of Argentina. There are a variety of things to do outdoors and the city is driving distance to other destinations within Patagonia such as San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche. In Neuquén city, there is a good selection of restaurants and bars. There are also a few parks and lakes around the city for outdoor activities.