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Bangkok, the capital city is located in the middle of Thailand. The Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, occupies 200,000 Sq. mi. (517,000 Sq. km.) in the heart of Southeast Asia and is bordered clockwise by Burma on the west and the north, Laos across the Mekong River to the east, Cambodia (Democratic Kampuchea) to the south east, and Malaysia at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula.
The Thai population is approximately 65 million, of which between 15 and 16 million reside in the capital Bangkok's metropolitan area. The major ethnic group is Thais with a high degree of intermarriage with the Chinese, the second largest group. 

Since 1932, Thailand has been a constitutional monarchy with the King. The national religion is Buddhism which is practiced by more than 94 percent of the people. Other religions practiced in Thailand include Islam, Hindu, Sikh, Christianity and other beliefs.
Today Thailand is a modern, developing South East Asian country, with a long-established tourist industry that attracts 15 million visitors per year and has a large expatriate community. Bangkok provides all manner of international restaurants, supermarket food and provisions, shopping centers and markets, international books, magazines, newspapers, entertainment and TV, channels. For four consecutive years in a row, since 2010, Travel and Leisure Magazine readers have selected Bangkok as World's Best City.

Thailand is a hot and humid tropical country. It is warm or hot all year round, but there are three different seasons, with each season lasting around four months or so:

February to MayHot season
The weather is hot and dry, average daily maximum temperature of 93° F (34°C), with 75 percent humidity.

June to October: Rainy season
The heaviest rain comes in the last two months; average daily maximum temperature is 90° F, (32°C) with 87 percent humidity.

November to February: Cool season
The weather is warm and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 89° F (31°C) to 70° F, and a significant drop in humidity.

Thai is the national language and has its own written script based on the ancient Indian languages of Pali and Sanskrit. There are many regional dialects. Some English is usually understood in the cities but less so in the countryside.

work environment

Chevron Upstream's (intranet access) head office is located at SCB Park Plaza, an award winning high-rise building complex located on Ratchadapisek Road in Chatuchak District Bangkok. The complex consists of four separate blue glass towers, inter-connected at ground level by low rise buildings of shops and restaurants and external covered walk ways. The central tower forms the headquarters of one of Thailand's major banks, Siam Commercial Bank. Chevron occupies Tower III, consisting of floors G, 3 to 12 and 14 to 19. In addition, two levels of basement area are dedicated for Chevron parking (B3 & B4). In Tower 3, Chevron has six dedicated elevators (elevator numbers 1, 2 and 5-8). Working areas comprise individual offices and cubicles. Nearby within the complex and opposite are a shopping mall, retail stores, cafeterias, restaurants, salons, fitness center and banks

On each floor at the Chevron Upstream head office, there are additional facilities including meeting rooms, pantry for coffee and tea, CWT travel office, mailroom, Chevron Club and a First Aid Medical Services clinic.

When visitors arrive at the Chevron Upstream's (intranet access) head office, they are required to sign in at the reception counter, and are issued a visitor's badge. Chevron employees present their smart badges. Office working time is Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For regular or temporary work in the company offices or business meetings elsewhere on behalf of the company, employees are required to wear appropriate business attire during normal business operations, casual business attire on Fridays, or uniforms according to the company or supervisor's requirement.

There are also branch offices in Songkla, Sattahip Chonburi and Nakhon Si Thammarat. In Thailand Upstream, there are approximately 2,000 employees (90 percent are Thai) and 5,000 contractors.


The demand for property is Bangkok is seasonal, with the two busiest seasons being around the summer months (June to August) and over the Christmas period (December through January). During these times a lot of people are moving, and the turnover time for properties is very fast, meaning that it's recommended to make a quick decision on any property that suits your requirements.

There is a variety of accommodation available in Bangkok – houses in compounds, apartments and condominiums both close to the Chevron offices (which are located to the North of the city) and in the downtown area.

One of the most popular places for Chevron's expatriates to stay in Bangkok is a housing compound called Nichada Thani, which is located not far from Chevron's offices, and is also where the International School Bangkok (ISB) is located. You can find more information on the school in the Education section. The compound is comprised of stand-alone houses, both with and without private pools, and some apartments and condominiums. The compound also has a sports club and recreational facilities, as well as restaurants, coffee shops, a medical clinic and a grocery store.

The commute time from Nichada Thani to the office is around one hour, depending on traffic.

Another option is to stay in the downtown or CBD area, which is where the majority of expatriates in Bangkok stay, either in apartments, condominiums, houses in compounds or stand-alone houses. The commute time to the office from downtown is anywhere up to an hour, again depending on the traffic.

As a rule in Bangkok, houses come unfurnished, whereas condominiums come fully furnished. If you wish to stay in a condominium but are planning on shipping furniture over, some landlords will have storage space to put their own furnishings.

Lease terms vary between one and three years, with one being the most common for apartments and condominiums, and two years being common for houses. Rental payments are usually monthly, but occasionally quarterly or even six-months, with a security deposit of either two or three months equivalent being the norm.

Please also note that a local norm for renting a property in Thailand may include a booking fee payment to secure the property. This amount can be up to one month's rent, and is separate from the security deposit. Our recommendation is to have funds available during the pre-assignment trip in case the preferred property requires this fee.

All housing compounds, apartments and condominiums in Bangkok have 24-hour manned security services.

Pets are allowed in most houses in Bangkok, but only in a small number of apartments.

Chevron provides temporary accommodation at one of their approved hotels and service apartments, all of which are located in the downtown area of Bangkok. Temporary accommodation is for pre-assignment trip or upon an expatriate arrival in Bangkok at the beginning of their assignment.

The approved locations are:

Emporium Suites, Sukhumvit Soi 24
Marriott Executive Apartments, Sukhumvit Soi 24
Chatrium Residence Sathon, Naradhiwas Rajanakarindra Soi 24
Mayfair Marriott, Soi Langsuan

support services

The standard of healthcare for expatriates in Bangkok is very high, with a number of first class medical facilities in and around the city. The two most popular are Bumrungrad and Samitivej, both of which have an excellent array of modern equipment and physicians covering the full spectrum of specialties. Bumrungrad also has a clinic located in the Nichada Thani compound to the North of the city, which is where many Chevron families choose to live. These facilities are also commonly used for out-of-hours and non-emergency treatment in much the same way as you would usually use a doctor or general practitioner. 

There are many pharmacies in Bangkok where you can purchase over-the-counter non-prescribed medicines. Pharmacies can be easily found in many department stores, retail stores and office buildings. 

For Chevron expatriates who choose to live in the Nichada Thani area there is also a new medical facility called The World Medical Center, which is approved as Chevron’s preferred hospital for diagnostic testing, primary care services and early stabilization of serious emergency conditions. 

Chevron also has clinical facilities for first aid medical services with doctor and nurse at the office building on the ground floor.
Chevron does not provide domestic and household staff for its expats. These can typically either be sourced from other Chevron staff who are already in country or about to depart. Alternatively, the management office at the housing compound, condominium or apartment where you choose to live should be able to offer some referrals.
Expats on both resident and temporary assignments are provided with a company-leased vehicle and driver.
Chevron prefers that you open an account with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) who has a large branch located in the same building as the office.

The other major local banks are Kasikorn Bank, Bank of Ayudhya and Bangkok Bank. There are also international banks operating in Thailand, including Citi, Standard Chartered and HSBC. Both the local and international banks offer wire transfers (both local and international) and internet banking services.

Generally, branch banking hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. There are also a number of micro branches locating in departments stores that are open seven days a week, 11.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. ATM services can be easily found throughout Bangkok and international ATM cards are accepted.
Chevron provides mailroom services that employees generally use for sending both domestic and international postal mail. Chevron expatriates use company pouch mail service for their international postal needs.

Thailand Post has offices around the city if you need to send any mail. A list of locations is available on the Thailand Post website. There are also courier offices such as either FedEx or DHL located in most of the shopping malls.
English language programming is available across Bangkok and provided by a number of companies. These services can be set up once you have selected your long-term accommodation but you are responsible for the charges.
There are also a number of local pre- or post-pay mobile phone providers offering 3G service. Please note that they do not offer packages that typically include the handset, which is generally purchased separately. Alternatively you can have your handset from home unlocked while you are here.
Libraries are not commonly used by expats in Thailand - there are however numerous English language bookshops in the city, such as Kinokuniya and Asia Books which can be found in most shopping malls.


A comprehensive list of international schools here is included on the International School Association of Thailand (ISAT) website. Information is also provided on the Location Specific Information Sheet (intranet access). Thailand's education standards are accredited by international examining bodies. A number of international schools in Thailand offer education based the American or British system however there are also many schools that base their education on other national systems, for example Japan, France and Germany.

The school year varies from one establishment to the next, but the majority of schools commence in August and finish in June, with two semesters or terms either side of the Christmas break. Most international schools accommodate children from the age of four through 18, with either American, IB or British curriculum qualifications being gained.

Many Chevron expats prefer to send their children to the ISB which is located in the Nichada Thani compound to the North of the city. The admissions department will give priority to Chevron families. It is generally recognized as one of the best schools in the country, and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It follows the North American Curriculum enriched with international best practices, and offers the IB Diploma program.

There are numerous other international schools of very good standing in Bangkok. Bangkok Patana School which is located in the Bang Na area of the city, follows the British curriculum up to the age of 16, and for the remaining two years offers the IB Diploma program. NIST International School follows the IB Diploma program from primary all the way through to completion, and is located in the downtown area.

There are also many international pre-schools located throughout Bangkok where they receive children from the ages of two up to three.

The top schools all have excellent infrastructure including amenities and sports facilities, and offer a range of extra-curricular options. There are also a lot of opportunities for parent involvement at the schools, be it as a classroom assistant, assisting with sports coaching or accompanying students, participating in the election of the Board of Trustees and faculty staff on excursions.

Regarding accommodating any children with special needs, not all the international schools here are equipped to handle them so it is important to check this prior to enrollment.

For children who study at the ISB and whose parents choose to live in the Nichada Thani compound, the children generally cycle or walk to the school, as the compound is private and has dedicated and monitored lanes for their use prior to and after school times. If the family is located in the downtown area there is a school bus service that collects the children at around 6am.

Other schools in Bangkok also provide bus services to and from their respective campuses. In all cases these are charged separately to the annual fees, and vary from school to school.
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Bangkok has a huge number of shopping malls and grocery stores located around the city.

The largest of these are the Central World mall, and Siam Paragon, both of which are located in the center of the city. They have everything that you would come to expect from an international standard mall - from designer and branded goods to sportswear and electric items, as well as having anchor department stores, groceries, food courts and restaurants.

There are also large chain malls such as Robinsons and Central at various locations throughout the city.

Household goods are also on sale at these malls as well as in standalone shops such as Index Living mall and Ikea.

For grocery shopping there are a number of options - most of the malls will have an international grocery store in the anchor department store, or there are standalone grocery stores such as Villa, Tops and Foodland around the city. These places tend to be relatively smaller in size, and with primarily imported stock cater mainly to expats.

The grocery stores all carry a wide range of fresh produce, including the usual fruits and vegetables you would expect to find. They also carry fruit and vegetables local to Thailand or South East Asia that you may not have come across before.

There are also two hypermarket chains, Tesco Lotus and Big C, which cater mainly to local tastes, although both do carry some imported lines. Generally speaking for day-to-day items they can be considerably cheaper than the expat -oriented grocery stores.

The shops here are all open seven days a week, mostly from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., although some of the grocery stores such as Villa are open around the clock.

There are also the ubiquitous 7Eleven and Family Mart, which seem to be on almost every corner and are also always open.


Expatriates on temporary and resident assignments are provided with company-leased vehicles and driver.

Transport options in Bangkok are many and varied. Along with the car and driver that Chevron will allocate you, there are also taxis, buses, canal boats, tuk-tuks, trains, bicycles, the Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) and the Bangkok Mass Transit (BTS) system.

Generally speaking, traffic in Bangkok is very heavy, particularly during the rush hours from 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m., although it can also remain bad beyond these times and the problem is always exacerbated by rain.

The Chevron Upstream office is located around 9 miles or 15km North of the center of the city. Estimating commute times can be difficult because of the heavy traffic, but a typical journey from downtown should take around 40 minutes up to an hour. The commute time from Nichada Thani, which is a compound closer to the office that many Chevron families choose to stay in, is typically around one hour.

Expats do not usually take the bus, boat or train services for day-to-day transport in Bangkok, but the MRT (underground railway system) and Skytrain are very popular for short journeys in the downtown area. Both are clean, cheap, air conditioned, reliable and can be a lot quicker than driving depending on the time of day. Further information such as maps and timetables can be found at the MRT website and the BTS website.

Taxis are very common and cheap throughout Bangkok. Please make sure when using taxis that the driver switches on the meter as soon as you get into the car, and also be aware that many of the drivers will speak little or no English. We recommend that you have addresses of places that you need to go to frequently written in Thai so that you can show this to the driver if there is any confusion.

recreational and entertainment

Bangkok is a great place for leisure and recreation, within the city and also in terms of the places that are easily accessible from the location for day-trips, weekends or longer breaks.

Housing compounds, apartments and condominiums all have swimming pools and gyms as standard, and the vast majority will also have children's play areas. For the more committed, there are also larger stand-alone gyms, fitness and racquet clubs that you can join on a monthly or annual basis. There are also many high standard golf courses around the outskirts of the city, and some driving ranges located closer in to town.

Bangkok is a fantastic place to eat out, from the tasty local dishes to international food of an excellent standard. There is no shortage of great places to choose from.

The city itself has numerous parks that offer a shady place to sit with exercise classes such as tai-chi or yoga that can be joined easily. They also have walking and running tracks around the outside. Due to the climate it can be oppressively hot during the daytime, so these activities are most popular early in the morning or early evening.

Most of the shopping malls here have a cinema, with movies typically being shown in English with Thai subtitles. Many of them also have a bowling alley, and a few have ice rinks.

The city also has numerous other attractions such as the zoo, Underwater World, Madame Tussauds, and slightly further afield the Rose Garden, Elephant Park and the Crocodile Farm to name a few.

The American Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start for local networking events in order to meet new people, as are the Australian and British chamber events. Other good options socially include The British Club, The American Women's Club of Thailand and the Australian New Zealand Women's Group

Bangkok is also an excellent place to be based in terms of places to go for the weekend - the beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui are only an hour flight away, as is the Northern city of Chiang Mai.

It is also a great place as a base to visit other places in the region, such as Hong Kong, Singapore or Vietnam, all of which are just a short hop from here.

additional information

There is no official state religion in Thailand, but approximately 94 percent of the population are Buddhist. The second largest population (comprising around 4 percent) are Muslim, and mainly live in the South of the country close to the Malay border.

Other religions including Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish make up the remaining 1 to 2 percent.

Voluntary work information and opportunities can be found via local networks such as The American Women's Club of Thailand or the Australian New Zealand Women's Group.