Chengdu is located on the edge of the fertile plains of the Red Basin in China's Sichuan Province. Due to its agricultural wealth, Chengdu is sometimes called "The Land of Milk and Honey." The Funan River bisects the city.

The population of Chengdu is more than 14 million.

The official language in China is Mandarin. Chengdu has its own dialect. The currency is Renminbi.
Chengdu weather is mild and humid all year round, featuring four distinct seasons – long and warm spring, short and sultry summer, cool and rainy autumn, cold and foggy winter. The annual average temperature is about 16.4 degrees Celsius (62 degrees Fahrenheit). There is not much precipitation during winter and spring, but it rains a lot during summer and autumn. Spring is from March to May with the average temperature of 12-21 degrees Celsius (54-70 degrees Fahrenheit); summer lasts from June to August, the average temperature is 25-29 degrees Celsius (77-84 degrees Fahrenheit); autumn starts from September to November, the average temperature is 11-21 degrees Celsius (52-70 degrees Fahrenheit); winter begins in December and ends in late February, the average temperature is 3-8 degrees Celsius (27-46 degrees Fahrenheit). Chengdu weather is often characterized by fog and humidity.
Expatriates flying to Chengdu will arrive via Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, which is 20 km from downtown. A company-designated driver will meet expatriates and their families at the airport.

work environment

The Chevron office is located in Shangri-La Office Tower, Chengdu, which is an office tower consisting of 30 floors of premium office space. The office building is connected with Shangri-la Hotel and its shopping arcade.

The Chevron office occupies four floors of the building. Approximately 300 people work in the office. The office is in an open cubicle environment with stand-and sit-workstations, as well as some individual offices. There are meeting rooms in different areas of each floor, equipped with teleconference and computer access. There is one video conference facility in the Chengdu office facility.

There is a coffee area with refrigerators and microwaves on each floor. Employees can bring their own meals. The mail center is at the reception area.

The Chevron Chengdu office also has a full time medical staff on site. First aid kits are available on each floor. Floor wardens are first aid trained.


Expatriates are encouraged to take pre-assignment trips to select housing. Housing arrangements in Chengdu are provided by the company rather than through a cash allowance. Consistent with Chevron expat policy, gardening and pool services are not provided by the company. Property leases will be reviewed by Chevron's legal department and signed by the company.

popular expatriate housing options

The apartment complexes listed here offer one to three bedrooms serviced apartments (up to 180 square meters). Large pets are not allowed. 

  • Fraser Suite Serviced Apartment is a service apartment with fully equipped kitchens and modern home theatre equipment, as well as walk-in wardrobes. It's enviably located for business, shopping and dining, provides easy connectivity to the rest of the city with close proximity to Metro station.
  • Somerset Riverview Serviced Apartment is located along the river bank. The residence is surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful water ways, as well as local tea houses and bars. The serviced residence puts you in close proximity to offices, banks, shopping malls and restaurants. 
  • Raffle City Serviced Apartment is a relatively new development and offers bigger three-bedroom apartments around (300 square meters). It is conveniently located next to the Metro stop on Line 1. The complex contains a large shopping mall including a cinema, a modern supermarket and a selection of restaurants.

The Wuhou District is located directly south of City Centre. It is an upscale area with a busy business and shopping district. Wuhou is home to one of the two high-tech zones in Chengdu. Nearby landmarks and facilities are The U.S. Consulate, the Shamrock Pub, IKEA furniture store, Galleria Shopping Mall, Leman School, QSI Chengdu School and Sabrina Country Store. 

  • Oakwood Residence Funder Chengdu Serviced Apartment is located in an exclusive area of Wuhou in the business and financial district. It is close to the Metro station, shopping malls, dining and entertainment facilities. A fitness center, children's play area, residents' lounge, business center, meeting rooms, indoor swimming pool and basement parking are all included in the building. 
  • Qing Hua Villa, a section of detached three-story Chinese style townhouses, located in Tongzilin is owned by individual landlords. It is a popular expatriate residence area-- about a 30 minute drive from the Chevron office. 
  • Luxe Hill, a gated community with American style houses, located in southern Chengdu is also owned by individual landlords. It take about 50 minutes to drive there from the Chevron office.

support services

There are many hospitals in the city. Following is a list of hospitals and clinics that have reputations for offering quality services and high standards of care to meet the expectations of expatriates: 

  • Parkway Health Chengdu Medical Center was opened in 2008 for the international community in the city of Chengdu. Parkway Health is slightly further out of the city (towards Luxe Hills direction), about 30 minutes drive from Chevron office. There is a special arrangement between Chevron and Parkway for provision of 24/7 medical coverage and special insurance arrangement. 
  • Global Doctors was established in Chengdu in 1999 and focuses on outpatient primary and preventive care. They provide hotel and home visits and have access to a panel of internationally trained physicians. 
  • Harmony Dental Clinic is a private dental clinic, whose major dentist, Dr. Bo Wu can speak English. He graduated with Doctor's degree of clinical dentistry. Dr. Wu received a long and strict professional training and practice in general dentistry as well as in specialized dentistry. The clinic provides teeth (cleaning and scaling), emergent treatment of dental pain and cosmetic.
Expatriates and accompanying family members are required to take a pre-assignment physical exam, and receive medical clearance to work in Chengdu. They are also required to take annual physical exam as a condition of their ongoing expatriate assignment. 

Air pollution in China has been a concern for many in recent years. It is highly recommend that you consult medical when considering for China assignments including Chengdu.
Cleaning, cooking and child care services are available for hire at the expatriate's own cost. The most common and safest way of finding household help is through word of mouth or recommendation from the destination service company. 

The salaries of the household staff are discretionary and dependent on the duties assigned, the size of the family and full time or part time. 

It is recommended that expatriates purchase Accidental Death and Injury Insurance for their domestic hire. Such insurance is locally available. You will be able to obtain the information from CDB Spouse Welcome Committee.
Expatriates can withdraw cash from ATMs which can be found at the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, major hotels, bank branches and shopping malls. 

Expatriates can also open a local personal bank account. To open the account, the expat needs to physically file the application in the bank. The following documents are needed: passport, any Chinese identification, such as a residence card, and the application form.
Most expatriate employees use the Chevron pouch mail service for their international postal needs. There is a postal office within the office complex.
Expatriates generally feel safe due to the low crime rate in the country. Expatriates should exercise the usual, reasonable precautions as they would in conducting personal affairs in any large cities. 

While in China, expatriates are subject to the country's laws and regulations.
There are hair and beauty salons in Chengdu that offer service to expatriates, such as Lain Guy Paris.
Dry cleaners are available around the city in shopping malls and neighbourhoods.


Chevron expatriates usually send their children to one of the following international schools. We have not experienced any issue with enrolment due to relatively low expatriate population compared to some other international locations.

  • Chengdu International School was founded in 1997 to provide an international education program for the children of expatriates living in the Chengdu area. There are approximately 300 students in the school.
  • Léman International School, founded in 2009, is the premier international school in South-western China, currently serving students from pre-kindergarten through grade 10 and have plans to add grades 11 and 12. The school is part an international group of schools known as the Meritas Family of Schools.
  • Quality Schools International (QSI) is a private non-profit institution that opened in August of 2002 and offers a high quality education in the English language for elementary and secondary students.
  • Eton House International School offers early year curriculum for children aged two through five years old. The older students' curriculum is based upon the International Baccalaureate Scope and Sequence documents for Mathematics and English.
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Fresh produce, food and beverages, household goods, personal care products, even pet food can be found in the grocery stores. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. 

The major grocery stores include Sabrina's Country Store, Treat Supermarket in Raffles City, Carrefour, Metro Supermarket, Ole Supermarket in the Mix City, Auchan and Wal-Mart. Most major supermarkets carry all household items including home furnishings. 

There are also convenience stores, such as Watson's, selling a wide selection of personal care items, cosmetics, packaged foods and toys, drugs and other daily used items. Some include a pharmacy as well.
There are many malls in Chengdu, such as Raffle City Shopping Mall, The Mix City Shopping Mall, Pacific Department Store, Wang Fu Jing Department Store Ito Yokado, Isetan, Renhe Spring Department Store, Mansion Mode and Wan Da Shopping Mall.
There is an assortment of free or flea markets where you can bargain with the local vendors. Some of the more popular markets are Jinli Street, Qintai Road, and Wide and Narrow Alley, Antique and Art Market, Bicycle Street, Cell Phone Street and the Traditional Chinese Embroidery Market.


Expatriates are provided with a car and driver for both business and personal use during the assignment in Chengdu. Car maintenance and fuel are provided by the company, one car per family.

recreational and entertainment

Social gatherings in China are very often centered around the tea house. Many expats enjoy drinking tea with and alongside the locals. Chengdu has its own amusement park, nightclubs and golf courses. There are also activities that take place within the expatriate community, such as Chengdu Rugby Football Club, Cricket Club, Shambles Football team, Chengdu International Women's Club (CIWC), Tennis Club and Chengdu Panda Hash House Harriers. Students from the different international schools get together on Saturday mornings to participate in a large variety of sporting challenges together, including cheerleading.
As Sichuan absorbs people from different ethnicities and cultures, it has become a place with many different flavors. As a result, Chengdu and all of Sichuan has an array of dining experiences available. The Sichuan cuisine is characterized by complexity and variety. It is not just about being hot and spicy. Sichuan people love diversified flavours and they incorporate imperial court cooking, ordinary home cooking and ethnic minority dishes into their cuisine. You can also find western restaurants and bars in Chengdu. Some offer service in English, such as Peter's Tex-Mex, Shamrock Bar, Red River Grill and Peter Pan Italian Restaurant.
The Chengdu International Women's Club is a great place to look for expatriate-organized activities. Its contact is: and

The Chevron Expat Spouse Welcome Committee is another resources assisting with CDB Spouses Directory Update and Distribution, Expatriate Living Information Sharing, Expatriate Event Organization and New Arrival support. It is organized by the CDB spouse volunteers. CDB HR will help to connect you with the Committee.

additional information

Expatriates entering Chengdu on resident visas are allowed to bring a pet. The pet will need a health certificate and vaccination records for review by customs officials. Pets are held at a quarantine station for approximately one month. A fee of 280 yuan is required at the quarantine station. After the quarantine period a pet must pass a health check before being released. All dogs must be registered. Registration includes submitting photos of the animal, obtaining permission from neighbors and paying a fee of up to 2,000 yuan—about 300 U.S. dollars.
Buddhism and Daoism are the most common religions practiced in Chengdu. Expats and their families often gather informally to engage in their respective worship practices. International Christian fellowships meet quarterly at hotels. There is a Catholic church and an Islamic mosque located in Chengdu.

Expats in Chengdu often gather to participate in volunteer project work that supports the local community.

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