leave of absence - disability

disability management

Chevron’s Disability Management program is a set of instructions and processes you must follow when you miss work because of an illness or injury. Compliance with the Disability Management program will ensure you receive any disability benefits for which you may be eligible.


If you're an eligible employee with coverage under the Long-Term Disability Plan and you're disabled, you will be placed on Disability Leave after you use all of your Short-Term Disability Plan benefits and vacation. This leave maintains your employment status with Chevron while you're in the Long-Term Disability Plan elimination period or receiving Long-Term Disability Plan benefits. Additional information about leave of absence for disability is available on the Chevron intranet.

You must follow the processes and deadlines of the Disability Management Program if you are absent from work for more than five consecutive days due to illness or injury, or are off work for a reason that's covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).