summary plan descriptions

Summary plan descriptions (SPDs) provide specific details about your benefits, such as eligibility, covered services and participation rules. You can open and print any of the SPDs on this page as desired. You can also call the HR Service Center and ask that an SPD be mailed to you free of charge. Recent updates to an SPD – if any – are included in the applicable summary of material modification (SMM), also posted on this page.

health plans

Anytime you need assistance, you can talk to either Beacon Health Options, Chevron’s Employee Assistance and WorkLife Services, or both. There’s always someone available to help you — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get contact information. 

U.S. payroll employees

Benefit Changes (Summary of Material Modification SMM)  2015 | 20162017

expatriates in the U.S.

Benefit Changes (Summary of Material Modification SMM)  20152016

If you are enrolled in the Medical PPO Plan, the HDHP, the HDHP Basic or the Global Choice plans, you’re automatically enrolled in the Chevron Vision Program for basic vision coverage in the U.S. See your medical plan summary plan description above for information about your basic vision coverage.

Benefit Changes (Summary of Material Modification)  2017

The Health Care Spending Account Plan (HCSA) is a flexible spending account plan. The HCSA and the health savings account (HSA) are two very different ways to save for health costs. Learn more about the HSA.

Benefit Changes (Summary of Material Modification)  2017

Benefit Changes (Summary of Material Modification SMM) 2017

The Wellness Programs SPD includes information about the Healthy Heart Program, Health Rewards, and Health Decision Support.

disability and sick pay

Call the HR Service Center if you are absent from work for more than five days due to illness or injury or are off work for a reason that's covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) or related state leave law. Learn more about when you miss work because you’re sick or injured.

Benefit changes (Summary of Material Modification)  2015 | 2016 │2017