dependent ages out

had a recent change in life?

If you get married, have a baby, move or experience any other qualifying life event, you have 31 days to make changes to your benefits.

Under the rules of Chevron benefit plans you can cover your children that are under age 26 and are your natural, legally adopted child, foster child or stepchild or the natural or legally adopted child, foster child or stepchild of your domestic partner. You can cover your other dependents if they are under age 26, are not married, are financially dependent on you for a minimum of 50% of their financial support, a member of your household and you act as a guardian for them. Special rules apply to dependents that are physically or mentally disabled.

If your child no longer meets the dependent eligibility requirements, you must notify the HR Service Center within 31 days.

Your child may be eligible to continue health plan coverage under COBRA, if you notify the HR Service Center within 60 days after the first of the month coinciding with or following the date of your child's change in status.