workers' compensation

notify your supervisor

If you suffer an illness or injury on the job, notify your supervisor as soon as possible and follow the Disability Management Program reporting guidelines.


To report an on-the-job illness or injury and to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, contact your supervisor. If you are absent from work and experience a lost time claim, you must also contact Reed Group and complete an authorization form that allows Reed Group to share with Chevron’s Workers’ Compensation group the information you provide.

While Workers’ Compensation is determining if your injury or illness is work-related, Reed Group will manage your absence and determine whether or not you are eligible for STD and/or job protection under FMLA or a related state leave law.

If Workers’ Compensation accepts your claim as being work-related, Reed Group will close their handling of your STD case, but will continue to follow your absence under FMLA. They will work with Workers’ Compensation to get the information they need to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Additional information is available in the Workers' Compensation section of the Frequently Asked Questions and on the Chevron intranet.

For information on the California Medical Provider Network (MPN), or to find out about predesignating a doctor if you are a California employee, please refer to the Workers' Compensation section of the Frequently Asked Questions.