emergency event

The following information is intended as a guide to assist you in preparing for and in times of an emergency.

Before an event, you’ll want to make sure your personal information is updated in the White Pages (intranet access), and report your status after an event so you can be accounted for.

Keep these emergency numbers handy and programmed into your cell phones so that you can report your status after an emergency, and get updates on office openings and closures during emergency events.

Chevron Employee Emergency Line (CEEL)

  • 1-800-334-3963
  • Employee Reporting 

Chevron Emergency Newsline

  • 1-888-281-4747
  • Facility Updates

The Chevron Employee Emergency Line (CEEL) accounts for all U.S.-resident Chevron employees after a wide-scale emergency event, such as a hurricane or earthquake, and to assist employees with HR services such as Employee and WorkLife Services, medical treatment, U.S. relocation benefits, health care providers and benefits, payroll and other disaster assistance as needed.

To get more information, and find out what you need to do for Chevron to account for well-being after an emergency event, read more at the CEEL site (intranet access only).