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This message provides supplemental information regarding your health benefits as a U.S.payroll employee on an expatriate assignment The Global Choice Plan (U.S.-Payroll Expatriates http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/OCT10Preview_USPEPXAT_tcm36-7205.pdf


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your healthyour health open enrollment is here 2018 benefit changesU.S. Pay and Benefit News 2 what’s inside During open enrollment, you can decide to keep the coverage you http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/2017ActvOENewsletter_FINAL_tcm36-7210.pdf

newly hired: chevron human resources

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skip to main content chevron.com quick links search your benefits 2018 health & welfare 2019 health & welfare (BenefitConnect) Report life event http://hr2.chevron.com/lifevents/welcome-to-chevron/newly-hired


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Update to the Summary Plan Description All changes described in this SMM are effective January 1, 2017 unless otherwise indicated This enclosed newsletter serves as an official http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/2017chevrondentalinpat_final_tcm36-8891.pdf


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U.S. Pay and Benefit News 6 October 2017 7 Certain sections of this newsletter (Page 8-33) serve as an official summary of material modification (SMM) to the summary plan http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/2018MedHMOChanges_tcm36-7114.pdf