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Introducing Cigna September 2012 CignaLinks is a special partnership Cigna has created with local providers and insurers in certain areas of the world Just be sure to always carry http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/GloChoice_CignaLinks_Expat_tcm36-7296.pdf


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Chevron’s safety plan for wide-scale emergencies, such as a hurricane or earthquake, includes accounting for employees and telling you when it’s safe to enter your work facility http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/YHRN_LifeCEEL_June2018_tcm36-9132.pdf


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do you have a child with a learning or behavioral challenge For U.S.-payroll employees eligible for Chevron health and welfare benefits Rethink is a new service now available to all http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/2018Feb_RethinkIntro_FINAL_tcm36-9030.pdf


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As a business traveler, you can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses associated with the care of an eligible dependent if you need to arrange for their care in order to travel on http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/YourLife_April2018_tcm36-9017.pdf


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Financial planning firms may contact employees to offer financial advice or services Many of these companies advertise seminars and claim to work with Chevron employees or have http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/yhrn_wealth_financialplanners_april2018_tcm36-9018.pdf


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The information in this communication applies to U.S.-payroll employees This communication provides only certain highlights about changes of benefit provisions http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/yhrn_mar2018_health_surgerysecondopinion_tcm36-9020.pdf


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enroll now through december 31 to receive your form W-2 online If you are an active U.S.-payroll employee with access to My HR - Employee Services, you have the option to receive http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/yourhrnews_march2018_wealth_w2_tcm36-8987.pdf


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Retirement is a milestone life event that requires careful planning – the earlier you start, the better prepared you’ll be to make the transition And how do you know if you’re http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/yourhrnews_march2018_retirementresources_tcm36-9019.pdf


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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, signed into law on December 22, contains significant tax law changes that will impact U.S. taxpayers, effective 2018 Until a new Form W-4 is http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/yhrn_jan2018_wealth_payrolltaxupdate_tcm36-9025.pdf


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Important Notice Concerning Your Rights under the Chevron Chevron is making an important change to the Chevron Common Stock Fund and the Chevron ESOP Fund, investment options in http://hr2.chevron.com/Images/ESIP_StockChanges_Letter_tcm36-7351.pdf