will preparation resources

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If you’re enrolled in the Chevron Basic Life Insurance Plan or the Supplemental Life Insurance Plan, you have access – at no additional cost – to will preparation resources.

Without a will, your assets may be distributed according to state law and not in accordance with your wishes. An up-to-date will establishes important decisions about the distribution of your assets. Will preparation resources can help you ensure your family's future should something happen to you.

what is will preparation?

Will preparation resources are offered by TELUS Health through the Chevron life insurance plans. Resources include will prep templates and a free 30-minute consultation by phone or in an attorney's local office (additional services available at a 25% discount). You also have access to a comprehensive online library with templates for simple will creation, power of attorney and other legal forms.

how do i access will preparation resources?

It's simple. If you're eligible to participate, access the resources by contacting TELUS Health online or by phone:

  • Online: LifeBenefits.com/Lfg. Enter the username lfg and password resources.
  • Phone: 1-877-849-6034. 

Do you live outside the U.S.? If you are eligible for the service, you can still use it by contacting TELUS Health.

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am i enrolled?

How do I know if I'm enrolled in the Basic or Supplemental Life Insurance Plan?
To see if you are enrolled in either of these plans, log on to the BenefitConnect website or call the HR Service Center.

I'm not enrolled in either plan. Can I enroll?
As a retiree, your ability to enroll may be restricted. Call the HR Service Center to discuss your personal situation.