health plans

All benefits-eligible retirees must enroll in Chevron retiree health benefits and/or the Retiree HRA Plan upon reaching certain enrollment milestones. You must also enroll your eligible dependents at certain enrollment milestones. If you miss these select opportunities to enroll, you and your eligible dependents must wait until the next applicable enrollment milestone, if any, to return to Chevron retiree health benefits and/or the Retiree HRA Plan in the future.

The basic enrollment milestones are:

  • When you retire from Chevron.
  • At the loss of Chevron COBRA coverage (including Chevron subsidized COBRA).
  • When you lose Chevron or other employer group health coverage.
  • When you turn age 65 and become Medicare eligible.

Please see the Enrollment Milestones section from the retiree health summary plan descriptions for more detailed information.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) provide high level information about your health plans, such as benefits, copayments, deductibles, coinsurance and plan contact information. SBCs are only applicable to pre-65 medical plans.

Chevron is legally required to provide certain notices to plan participants. These notices are also posted here for your reference.