pre-65 plans

All benefits-eligible retirees must enroll in Chevron retiree health benefits and/or the Retiree HRA Plan upon reaching certain enrollment milestones. You must also enroll your eligible dependents at certain enrollment milestones. If you miss these select opportunities to enroll, you and your eligible dependents must wait until the next applicable enrollment milestone, if any, to return to Chevron retiree health benefits and/or the Retiree HRA Plan in the future.

The basic enrollment milestones are:

  • When you retire from Chevron.
  • At the loss of Chevron COBRA coverage (including Chevron subsidized COBRA).
  • When you lose Chevron or other employer group health coverage.
  • When you turn age 65 and become Medicare eligible.

Please see the Enrollment Milestones section from the retiree health summary plan descriptions for more detailed information.

health coverage choices depend on age

Retiree health coverage choices depend on if you (or your eligible dependents) are pre-65 (under age 65) or are post-65 (age 65 or over).

pre-65 health coverage

Pre-65 (under age 65) eligible participants will currently continue to participate in Chevron group health choices. Pre-65 eligible participants make enrollment choices during the Chevron open enrollment period each fall.

post-65 health coverage

Post-65 (age 65 and over) eligible participants are only able to enroll in individual medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage through a private health exchange managed by Via Benefits. Post-65 participants make enrollment choices with Via Benefits each fall. The Chevron open enrollment period does not apply to post-65 participants.

what about dependents?

The age of eligible participants in your family will dictate if they enroll in Chevron’s pre-65 group health plans or the post-65 individual health options through Via Benefits. So, if there are both post-65 and pre-65 eligible participants in your family, pre-65 participants will participate in Chevron group health coverage, and post-65 participants will participate in individual health coverage through Via Benefits.

benefit information

The HDHP is compatible with a health savings account (HSA).

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The HDHP Basic is compatible with a health savings account (HSA).

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Chevron Medical HMO Plans are offered based on your zip code, so not everyone will have this option. With an HMO plan, you must use a provider who's in the network to receive coverage. Otherwise, those services will not be covered (except in emergencies).

call delta dental

  • 1-800-228-0513 (Inside the U.S.)
  • 415-972-8300 (Outside the U.S.)

visit delta online

call delta

  • 1-800-422-4234 (Inside the U.S.)

visit delta online

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MHSA) Plan, administered by Beacon Health Options, provides confidential support for a wide range of personal issues – from everyday challenges to more serious problems. You and your covered dependents have access to support services 24 hours a day for a variety of concerns such as: depression, stress and anxiety, parenting and family problems or relationship difficulties.

For questions about pre-65 Chevron group health coverage contact the HR Service Center to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

For questions about post-65 individual health coverage through Via Benefits

  • 1-844-266-1392 (toll-free inside the U.S.)
  • 1-801-994-9805 (outside the U.S.)
  • 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pacific time (7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central time)

Please note: This page applies to U.S. pre-65 eligible retirees and their pre-65 eligible dependents. This page provides only certain highlights of benefits or program provisions. It is not intended to be a complete explanation. If there are any discrepancies between this communication and legal plan documents, the legal documents will prevail to the extent permitted by law. This is not a plan text or a summary plan description. There are no vested rights with respect to Chevron health care plans or any company contributions toward the cost of such health care plans. Rather, Chevron Corporation reserves all rights, for any reason and at any time, to amend, change or terminate these plans or to change or eliminate the company contribution toward the cost of such plans. Such amendments, changes, terminations or eliminations may be applicable without regard to whether someone previously terminated employment with Chevron or previously was subject to a grandfathering provision. Some benefit plans and policies described in this document may be subject to collective bargaining and, therefore, may not apply to union represented employees.