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new! benefit coverage for at-home tests

The Biden Administration recently announced that effective January 15, 2022, you are able to seek reimbursement from your health insurance plan for up to eight over-the-counter, FDA-approved, at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests purchased per each 30-day period. Chevron’s pre-65 health plans will comply with this requirement; however, reimbursement may be initially delayed as we work with our claims administrators to implement this change. Plan participants will be notified separately of the plan rules for this coverage, including applicable limits and exclusions, and how you can request reimbursement. In the interim, when you purchase an at-home COVID test, save your itemized receipt (paper or electronic), and watch for further communication from Chevron and/or your pre-65 health plan. For information about coverage under your post-65 health plan, contact your plan directly. 

Did you know? Four free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests are also available
Through a new program recently announced by the Biden Administration, every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests. This program is completely separate from your employer or other health benefit coverage. Order your tests now from so you have them when you need them. 

All benefits-eligible retirees must enroll in Chevron retiree health benefits and/or the Retiree HRA Plan upon reaching certain enrollment milestones. You must also enroll your eligible dependents at certain enrollment milestones. If you miss these select opportunities to enroll, you and your eligible dependents must wait until the next applicable enrollment milestone, if any, to return to Chevron retiree health benefits and/or the Retiree HRA Plan in the future.

The basic enrollment milestones are:

  • When you retire from Chevron.
  • At the loss of Chevron COBRA coverage (including Chevron subsidized COBRA).
  • When you lose Chevron or other employer group health coverage.
  • When you turn age 65 and become Medicare eligible.

Please see the Enrollment Milestones section from the retiree health summary plan descriptions for more detailed information.

Retiree health coverage choices will depend on if you (or your eligible dependents) are pre-65 (under age 65) or are post-65 (age 65 or over).

post-65 health coverage

Post-65 (age 65 and over) eligible participants will only be able to enroll in inpidual medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage through a private health exchange managed by Via Benefits. Post-65 participants will make enrollment choices with Via Benefits. The Chevron open enrollment period each fall does not apply to post-65 participants.

pre-65 health coverage

Pre-65 (under age 65) eligible participants will currently participate in Chevron group health choices. Pre-65 eligible participants make enrollment choices during the Chevron open enrollment period each fall.

what about dependents?

The age of eligible participants in your family will dictate if they will enroll in Chevron’s pre-65 group health plans or the post-65 individual health options. So, if there are both post-65 and pre-65 eligible participants in your family, pre-65 participants will participate in Chevron group health coverage, and post-65 participants will participate in individual health coverage through Via Benefits.

Both you and Chevron share the monthly cost of retiree medical coverage, if you’re eligible. The way the company contribution is applied to retiree medical coverage may change, depending on age:

pre-65 company contributions

For pre-65 eligible retirees and/or their pre-65 eligible dependents, the company contribution will continue to be automatically factored into your monthly medical premium for your Chevron pre-65 group medical coverage.

post-65 company contributions

Post-65 eligible retirees and/or their post-65 eligible dependents will receive the company contribution through a Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or HRA. Except for the company contribution for catastrophic prescription drug coverage, post-65 eligible retirees and/or their post-65 eligible dependents will receive the monthly company contribution into an HRA. You can use the money in your HRA to help pay the monthly premiums for your Medicare Part B or any of the individual medical, prescription drug, dental or vision plans offered through Via Benefits.

This is a reimbursement account. This means you’ll pay premiums for coverage directly to your insurance carriers and submit claims to Via Benefits for reimbursement from your HRA. If you and your dependent are eligible for the HRA, you and your post-65 eligible dependent will each have a separate HRA account based on the HRA of the eligible retiree.

For questions about post-65 individual health coverage through Via Benefits

  • 1-844-266-1392 (toll-free inside the U.S.)
  • 1-801-994-9805 (outside the U.S.)
  • 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pacific time (7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central time)

For questions about pre-65 Chevron group health coverage contact the HR Service Center to speak with a Customer Service Representative.