morgan stanley stockplan connect website

Morgan Stanley provides brokerage and administrative services for stock options, stock appreciation rights (SARs), restricted stock units and performance shares granted under the Chevron Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP). Access the Morgan Stanley StockPlan Connect website if you need to:

  • Activate your online account.
  • Monitor your account, such as viewing stock options or SARs granted, pending orders and transaction history.
  • Exercise your stock options or SARs.
  • Analyze what if scenarios involving your stock options or SARs based on assumptions that you provide.

You can access the Morgan Stanley StockPlan Connect website from a Chevron computer, from your home computer, on your smart phone or tablet with Internet access enabled.

automatic sign-in

Use automatic sign-in technology if you are an employee connected to the Chevron intranet using a GIL workstation or Chevron remote access.

login with password

If you are not connected to the Chevron intranet, please login with your username and password.

first time?

Shortly after you receive your first LTIP grant, Morgan Stanley will email you a personalized URL or send you hard copy credentials for accessing your account. You can then access the website using the information provided to you by Morgan Stanley or through the automatic sign-in link, which will take you to the account activation page.

need help?

If you’re having trouble accessing the Morgan Stanley StockPlan Connect website, call the HR Service Center for assistance.