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You can do this and Chevron has resources to help.

Your risk for tobacco-related diseases drops when you become tobacco free. Your risk can go down within just a few weeks of quitting; and it continues to drop every tobacco-free year. The tobacco-free program brings together a number of resources that can help you become and stay tobacco free. These are available to U.S.-payroll employees who are eligible for Chevron's health plans. The resources provided through the Healthy You program as well as other Chevron resources are described below. If you have questions contact heart@chevron.com.

tobacco-free program

Tobacco Cessation Specialty Coaching provided through the Healthy You program combines one-on-one coaching, nicotine replacement therapy and integrated online resources to help eligible participants successfully stop using tobacco products. Tobacco Cessation Specialty Coaching is available to U.S.-payroll employees who are eligible for Chevron's health plans, and includes counseling sessions which may be used together with other Chevron based health coaching programs. 

Nicotine replacement therapy is provided free of charge and shipped confidentially to eligible participants. You can use this service again, even if your past attempts to quit have been unsuccessful. To get started, contact Healthy You as instructed below on this page.

When you log in to your Healthy You account, you can start the Quit Tobacco plan from the list offered by the Daily Habits tool. Daily Habits plans provides an interactive, online approach to work on daily and one-time activities to help you form healthy habits. It’s like a digital health coach in your pocket. Daily interaction is encouraged to track your progress for this 90-day plan. Start by setting a quit day, then check your progress daily. You can also use the Tobacco Tracker to record your tobacco use each day and pair this with other quit tobacco resources, like Tobacco Cessation Coaching.

After you log in, go to the Daily Habits tab to select this plan. Note that you can only have three active Daily Habits plans at a time. If you’ve already signed up for three plans, you may need to discard one to see the quit tobacco option. 

Your Healthy You account can provide helpful information to help you quit tobacco. Make sure your interests selected include Quitting Tobacco

  • From the home page top menu, found under your name, look for Tobacco as a topic. 
  • If Tobacco is not listed, click the edit button to select Quitting Tobacco to ensure relevant information is prioritized for you. 
  • You’ll then be able to find news and information along with links to message board exchanges where you can discuss tobacco-related health topics with people who have similar interests and concerns. 

other tobacco free resources

The Chevron Medical PPO Plan and the Chevron High Deductible Health Plan and the Chevron High Deductible Health Plan Basic offer prescription products with no copayment. Most Chevron-sponsored medical HMO plans also cover prescription tobacco-free products, so contact your HMO directly for details. 

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Plan can cover confidential counseling sessions. These counseling sessions can help you understand why you smoke and can teach you to cope with the emotions you might experience as you quit. The counseling is available to employees and their eligible dependents (if dependents are enrolled in a Chevron medical plan).

Ready to become tobacco-free? The following materials are available to employees free of charge:

  • The book, Kicking Butts: Quit Smoking and Take Charge of Your Health.
  • A quit kit with mints, a toothbrush and other items designed to help you deal with cravings and establish new tobacco-free habits.

To have these materials sent to you, send an email to wellness@chevron.com.

Gathering information about quitting smoking, getting support, coping with cravings and withdrawal, and the effect smoking has on your lifespan can seem overwhelming. The quitting smoking center of the Chevron Health Encyclopedia can assist you in gathering the facts to make confident decisions regarding your smoking status.

Dejar de fumar no es fácil. Pero si usted fuma, dejarlo es la mejor cosa que puede hacer por su salud. Fumar aumenta su riesgo de cáncer, diabetes, insuficiencia cardíaca y otros problemas médicos graves. Aun así, si ha fumado por mucho tiempo, puede ser muy difícil dejarlo. Puede que le preocupen los síntomas de abstinencia o que el antojo de un cigarrillo podría ser demasiado fuerte para ignorarlo. Pero con un poco de apoyo, usted puede hacerlo. Nuestros temas pueden darle la ayuda que usted necesita para dejar de fumar finalmente y comenzar hoy a llevar una vida más sana. 


healthy you - tobacco free
To schedule a tobacco cessation WebMD Health Coaching appointment and use the Tobacco Free tools and resources offered by Healthy You, contact WebMD customer service.
  • Phone (Inside U.S.) 1-888-321-1544
  • Phone (Outside U.S.) 925-842-8346
  • Email  wellness@chevron.com

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