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choose health to be a better you

Healthy Heart has many resources available to you – from digital trackers to certified health coaches. New features for 2020:

  • Access Healthy Heart on-the-go through WebMD's Wellness At your side mobile app.
  • Connect with a health coach through online or in-app secure messaging.

participate in healthy heart

When you understand how healthy your heart is, you can take actions that can ultimately improve your overall wellness. That's why Chevron has partnered with WebMD® to offer the Healthy Heart program. By participating in this program, you can learn about how your personal choices for diet, exercise, tobacco and work/life balance may affect your heart and health. Then you can choose goals, work with a health coach, and use a variety of online tools and resources that are personalized to you. Choose health to be a better you with Healthy Heart.

schedule your preventive care

Scheduling your recommended preventive care is one way to know your numbers, which can help you protect your health today and in the future. Get your recommended preventive care, then log your visit and any health numbers in your Healthy Heart account to better personalize your program experience.

take the voluntary health questionnaire (HQ)

Take the HQ and in minutes receive a personalized wellness score with a plan of action to improve your health. When you take the HQ, you’ll be asked to provide your personal numbers including certain lab test results, such as your blood pressure and cholesterol. You don’t need these to take the HQ or to participate in the program, but you’ll receive more accurate results if you do. You can take the HQ as often as you'd like to reassess your health risks.

help protect the health of someone in need

Your decision to complete the voluntary HQ can help benefit the health of someone in need. For each of the first 2,500 HQs completed by the extended deadline of April 30, 2020, Chevron will donate a health screening to a community-based organization that offers them.

get started today

It takes as little as 15 minutes to get started. If you don’t already have a WebMD Healthy Heart account, you’ll need to create one first with your employee information. You can access your account online or through the new WebMD Wellness At Your Side mobile app (see below). Explore the resources and bring your numbers with you for more accurate results while you take the voluntary HQ. Then, use your provided action plan with the resources like WebMD health coaching to keep you healthy or to help you make changes to improve your health.

step 1

Get your numbers (optional).

step 2

Take the health questionnaire.

step 3

Use WebMD resources.

who can participate

You can read eligibility information in the Wellness Programs summary plan description, but here are some general guidelines for participation.

You don't actually have to be enrolled in a Chevron health plan to participate; you just have to be eligible to participate in the plans, if desired. This includes the Medical PPO Plan, Chevron High Deductible Health Plan, Medical HMOs such as Kaiser or HMO Blue Texas, and the Global Choice Plan (U.S.-Payroll Expatriates). 

In addition, U.S.-payroll expatriates will participate in the U.S. program described on this site, not the Healthy Heart program that may be available in your host country.

Your spouse or domestic partner can participate in Healthy Heart if eligible to be covered by you under Chevron's health plans (although they don't have to be enrolled in a Chevron health plan to participate). Eligible spouses and domestic partners can use all program resources, including telephone coaching.

Your child dependents age 18 years and older can participate in Healthy Heart if eligible to be covered by you under Chevron's health plans (although they don't have to be enrolled in a Chevron health plan to participate). Eligible child dependents age 18 years and older cannot use telephone coaching, but all other program tools and resources are available.

Retirees, contractors, professional interns, employees on unapproved part-time schedules, casual hires, global offshore payroll employees, and any other individual not eligible for Chevron's U.S. health plans (the Omnibus Health Care Plan) are not eligible for the U.S. payroll Healthy Heart program. Dependents under age 18 cannot participate at this time. If you are a resident expatriate assigned to work in the United States, you are not eligible to participate in this U.S. payroll Healthy Heart program. You are eligible to participate in the Healthy Heart program designed for expatriates in the U.S. Similar program options for other global locations can be found at

what's included in healthy heart

As part of the Healthy Heart program, you'll have access to personalized WebMD  health education materials, tools and resources designed to support you in maintaining your good health and if needed, in making healthy lifestyle changes. By using the program resources and participating in other healthy activities, you may even earn points toward health rewards. When available, points earned toward health rewards are tracked in your Healthy Heart account. These resources or activities are not medical advice or a substitute for seeking treatment or advice from your health care provider. Expand each section below to view an overview of select Healthy Heart features:

The online voluntary health questionnaire (HQ) will ask you a series of basic questions to help you identify your health risk factors. The questions include your choice to provide certain health numbers, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, height and weight. You don't need to provide your numbers to take the health questionnaire, but you'll receive a more accurate result if you do. Using your answers to the questions, you’ll receive a wellness score, a personal report highlighting your risk factors, and an action plan. The HQ is completely voluntary, but taking and retaking your it each year may be a helpful way to monitor your personal health. Only you, WebMD, Chevron health care plans, and certain third party health care plan vendors will have access to your individual results.

After you complete the health questionnaire (HQ), you'll receive a suggested action plan with goals, ideas and resources to help you maintain your health or to make healthy changes. These recommendations will be tailored to your personal situation based on the results of your health questionnaire.

After you take the HQ, you’ll have the option to be paired with a professional WebMD health coach. Health coaches can work with you on any number of health areas that affect your total well-being — from stress management and exercise to tobacco cessation and nutrition. The topics you discuss with a coach are personalized to you and are based on your current health status and your health goals. Discussing the results of your HQ is often a good conversation starter.
New for 2020, you can connect with a WebMD health coach through the WebMD Healthy Heart website or the Wellness At Your Side mobile app using the secure messaging feature. Coaches will typically respond to your message within 24 hours. To use this coaching feature, visit your Healthy Heart account home page, coaching lobby page or HQ results page and click Send a message or Connect with your coach to open the secure messaging feature. You'll need to be logged in to your Healthy Heart account to send or receive messages and the links to connect with a coach will only appear after you have completed the voluntary HQ.
You can still contact your coach by phone at 1-888-321-1544 or you can use any combination of phone, online and in-app conversation. By phone, the number of times a coach will call you will be determined by your health status or you can call a coach as often as you would like. Coaching calls generate from Indiana.
Visit Health Coaching to learn more.
Note that eligible spouses and domestic partners can use all program resources, including coaching. Eligible child dependents age 18 years and older cannot use coaching, but all other program tools and resources are available.

A variety of activities are designed and made available annually that utilize Chevron resources both within and independent of the Healthy Heart program. Wellness activities span the full spectrum of total well-being. Earn points by completing a combination of physical, emotional, social, financial and general health awareness activities. You can manage your activities and points from your Healthy Heart account, under Rewards. Accumulate 1,000 points by October 30, 2020 to earn points toward health rewards. Visit health rewards for details including eligibility rules and a list of qualifying activities.

The My Health Assistant provides an interactive, online approach to helping you set, meet and track certain health goals. It’s like a digital health coach in your pocket. You select one or more health goals to focus on for the next 28 days and the My Health Assistant helps you track your progress. You can even set up text message reminders. Your response to the text messages will automatically store your activity in an active My Health Assistant goal or log your progress directly online. Start by choosing to work on your weight, tobacco cessation, nutrition, exercise, stress management, or emotional health. Then, your My Health Assistant lets you choose to track simple activities that become part of your weekly plan to support those goals.

Use your Health Record to store, maintain, track and manage your health information in one centralized, private and secure location. You can document details such as your personal numbers, conditions, medications, information about your medical visits and more. You can upload medical and general documents and keep up with your medical contacts. You can even print this information out to take with you to a doctor’s visit. Use the trackers to enter in specific information to see your progress over time.

You can now use your mobile device to access the Healthy Heart program on-the-go. The WebMD Wellness At Your Side mobile app lets you participate in all Healthy Heart program activities, like health coaching, browse health education resources and access tools that support good health.
Download the WebMD Wellness At Your Side app from the App Store or Google Play. You’ll need to register for a WebMD Healthy Heart account if you don’t already have one.
On your first time using the app, you'll be asked to provide:
  • A connection code: ChevronWAYS
  • Your WebMD Healthy Heart website login information (username and password)
Note: If you forgot your login information, you have to request it from the Healthy Heart website login page.

weigh today app

The WeighToday mobile health application is a daily weight tracking habit-forming tool. Weighing in every day is just one of several affective strategies that people use to make healthy weight changes. Use this app to set a time to document your daily weight. Your information will automatically upload to your WebMD Healthy Heart. See your progress tracked over time in the weight tracker found under Healthy Living. 

Download the Weigh Today, WebMD Health Services app from the Apple or Google play store. To activate the app, use your last name and the access key provided on your WebMD Healthy Heart website. Look for Weigh Today under Healthy Living. 

daily victory app

The Daily Victory mobile health application is a daily exercise habit-forming tool. It’s designed to help you develop an exercise habit that will be here next year and five years from now by encouraging you to make just one good choice each day. Start small and do it every day. You choose one thing to focus on and track your progress each day. 

Download the WebMD Daily Victory app from the Apple or Google play store. To activate the app, use the authentication key found on your WebMD Healthy Heart site. Look for Daily Victory under Healthy Living.   

WebMD has provided a variety of health information at your fingertips. You could search for a specific condition, use the interactive health calculators, take a quiz, watch a video, view a slide show and more. Use the search feature on the WebMD Healthy Heart website or look under Health Information for a topic that interests you.

When you sign up for your account, you’ll be asked to select topic areas that are of interest to you. WebMD will provide targeted health information, links to WebMD health tools and up-to-the minute medical information straight to your inbox. You can change these settings at any time.

contact healthy heart

health coaching

To schedule or reschedule a coaching call with the automated scheduler, log in to your Healthy Heart account, then click on the Healthy Living tab to locate Health Coaching. You can also call the number below during business hours at a time that works for you or, click Connect With a Coach to send a message to a health coach. You'll need to be logged into your Healthy Heart account to send or receive messages and the links to connect with a coach will only appear after you have completed the voluntary HQ. Coaches respond to messages within 24 hours.

  • 1-888-321-1544 (from inside the U.S.) 
  • 925-842-8346 (from outside U.S.)

Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Central
Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Central
Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central
Sunday from noon to 10:30 p.m. Central. 

U.S.-payroll expatriates only: To reach a coach by phone, you must call WebMD. WebMD health coaches cannot make outbound international calls, even if you have a scheduled appointment time.


You can contact WebMD customer service or a health coach if you have a question or need help. To contact WebMD, go to the WebMD Healthy Heart website or call their telephone number listed below.

  • 1-888-321-1544 (from inside the U.S.) 
  • 925-842-8346 (from outside U.S.)

If you have a question about the Healthy Heart program or want to share a story, you can email


If you have a technical issue with the WebMD website or online tools, contact WebMD  at the number below, select to speak to customer service. You can also send an email to

  • 1-888-321-1544 (from inside the U.S.) 
  • 925-842-8346 (from outside U.S.)

This page applies to U.S.-payroll employees. This page provides only certain highlights of benefits or program provisions. It is not intended to be a complete explanation. If there are any discrepancies between this communication and legal plan documents, the legal documents will prevail to the extent permitted by law. This is not a plan text or a summary plan description. There are no vested rights with respect to Chevron health care plans or any company contributions toward the cost of such health care plans. Rather, Chevron Corporation reserves all rights, for any reason and at any time, to amend, change or terminate these plans or to change or eliminate the company contribution toward the cost of such plans. Such amendments, changes, terminations or eliminations may be applicable without regard to whether someone previously terminated employment with Chevron or previously was subject to a grandfathering provision. Some benefit plans and policies described in this document may be subject to collective bargaining and, therefore, may not apply to union represented employees.