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healthtrails 2019 results

Chevron HealthTrails participants earned enough miles to donate 50,000 life-saving meal packets to children suffering from malnutrition in Angola!

Make physical activity part of your regular day. Being active can help you stay healthy, control your weight, lower your risk for many chronic conditions, including heart disease, some cancers and diabetes. No matter what your age or condition, you can engage in daily physical activity. Being more active, even a little bit, can improve your health. A brisk half-hour walk every day can help you improve your health. You will enjoy the benefits of greater energy, better mood and improved sleep.

Chevron offers a variety of programs to help you find the best way to lead a more active lifestyle. Participation in any of these programs is voluntary. Remember, it's always a good idea to consult your health care provider before starting any exercise program.

onsite chevron fitness centers

Chevron has on-site fitness facilities at our larger work locations. You'll be required to join these gyms and pay a membership fee, just as you would at any other local gym. Chevron fitness centers also provide a broad range of illness and injury prevention training, health education and exercise opportunities. Some locations also offer massage therapy (available to non-members, too). 

healthy heart program

Chevron has partnered with WebMD® to offer the Healthy Heart Program. By participating in this program you can create a plan for exercise, work with a health coach, and use a variety of online tools and resources that are personalized to you. To get started, take the health questionnaire.


We logged over 1 million miles and reached our goal of 50,000 meal packets! Chevron will donate these life-saving meal packets to over 300 severely malnourished children in Angola. Visit to learn more about the difference we’re making.

did you know?

You may be able to qualify for points toward health rewards when you exercise.