accident insurance

what is it?

Accident insurance coverage provides income protection for you and your family in the event a serious accident.

The following additional benefits are provided under the plan for covered accidents that occur on and after July 1, 2014:

Seatbelt/Airbag Benefit: If you die as the result of a covered accident while wearing a properly fastened, original, factory-installed seatbelt, the plan will pay $25,000 to your beneficiary. The plan will pay an additional airbag benefit of $10,000 if the seatbelt benefit is payable and you are positioned in a seat protected by a properly functioning, original, factory-installed supplemental restraint system that inflates on impact. Verification of the actual use of the seat belt and verification that the supplemental restraint system inflated properly upon impact at the time of a covered accident must be provided in accordance with the plan’s requirements.

Coma Benefit: If you are injured as a result of a covered accident, the plan will pay a monthly benefit of one percent of your principal sum if: 

  • You are injured and become comatose within 31 days of the date of the covered accident; and 
  • The coma continues for a period of 31 consecutive days.

Brain Damage Benefit: The plan will pay a benefit equal to 100 percent of the principal sum if as a result of a covered accident:

  • Brain damage begins within 30 days of a covered accident;
  • You are hospitalized for at least five days within the first 30 days following the covered accident; 
  • Brain damage continues for 12 consecutive months; or
  • A physician determines the brain damage is permanent, complete and irreversible at the end of the 12-consecutive-month period.