omada website

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The Chevron Diabetes Prevention Program is an online behavioral modification and digital care program designed to help individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes make gradual changes to the way they eat, move, sleep and manage stress.

You can access the Omada risk screener and website from a Chevron computer, from your home computer, on your smart phone or tablet with Internet access enabled.

take the risk screener

If you are an eligible employee and interested in the Omada program, the first step is to take a short, confidential online risk screener. Click the link above, then choose the Am I eligible button. If you are considered at high risk for diabetes, you will be able to complete an application to participate in the Chevron Diabetes Prevention program.

access your omada account

If you've been accepted into the program and need to access your Omada account, login to

account registration

You don't need to register or provide any unique information to take the online risk screener. However, if your application into the program is accepted, you'll need to provide your Chevron Worker ID to verify your eligibility to participate and create your account. The Omada website will provide additional instructions when you register.

need help?

If you’re having trouble accessing the risk screener or the Omada website, call Omada at 1-888-409-8687 for assistance.