Your risk for tobacco-related diseases drops when you become tobacco free. Your risk can go down within just a few weeks of quitting; and it continues to drop every tobacco-free year. Here are some resources available to help you become tobacco free. If you have questions contact

The Tobacco Free program through WebMD brings together a number of resources that can help you become and stay tobacco free. These are available to U.S.-payroll employees who are eligible for Chevron's health plans.

Tobacco Cessation Specialty Coaching

Tobacco Cessation Specialty Coaching combines one-on-one telephone coaching, nicotine replacement therapy and integrated online resources to help eligible participants successfully stop using tobacco products. Tobacco Cessation Specialty Coaching is available to U.S.-payroll employees who are eligible for Chevron's health plans, and includes telephone counseling sessions which may be used together with other Chevron based health coaching programs. Nicotine replacement therapy is provided free of charge and shipped confidentially to eligible participants. You can use this service again, even if your past attempts to quit have been unsuccessful. To get started, contact WebMD at 1-888-321-1544 (or 925-842-8346 from outside the U.S.).

If you certified your 2017 tobacco use status as Tobacco User, But Commit to Coaching: If you commit to complete at least three Tobacco Cessation Specialty Coaching sessions through WebMD between July 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017, the surcharge will not apply to you during 2017. Learn more about the tobacco surcharge.

Create a Plan to Quit Tobacco with My Health Assistant

When you log in to the WebMD Healthy Heart website, you can select 'Quit Tobacco' from the list of goals offered by the My Health Assistant tool. Then you can begin a step-by-step plan to help you become tobacco free. Pick your quit day, then choose simple activities that can help you meet your goal and stay motivated. You can also use the Tobacco Tracker to record your tobacco use each day. By the end of the six-month program, you could be tobacco free. On the WebMD site, go to the Healthy Living tab, then choose My Health Assistant to get started.

Tobacco Free Health Management Center

Health Management Centers provide helpful information, resources and tools that can help you tackle health challenges. The tobacco Health Management Center has news and information along with links to message board exchanges where you can discuss tobacco-related health topics with people who have similar interests and concerns. On the WebMD site, go to the Healthy Information tab and then choose Health Management Center to get started. 

The Chevron Medical PPO Plan and the Chevron High Deductible Health Plan and the Chevron High Deductible Health Plan Basic offer prescription products with no copayment. Most Chevron-sponsored medical HMO plans also cover prescription tobacco-free products, so contact your HMO directly for details.

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Plan can cover confidential counseling sessions. These counseling sessions can help you understand why you smoke and can teach you to cope with the emotions you might experience as you quit. The counseling is available to employees and their eligible dependents (if dependents are enrolled in a Chevron medical plan).

Ready to become tobacco-free? The following materials are available to employees free of charge:

  • The book, Kicking Butts: Quit Smoking and Take Charge of Your Health.
  • A quit kit with mints, a toothbrush and other items designed to help you deal with cravings and establish new tobacco-free habits.

To have these materials sent to you, send an email to

Gathering information about quitting smoking, getting support, coping with cravings and withdrawal, and the effect smoking has on your lifespan can seem overwhelming. The Healthwise Health Encyclopedia can assist you in gathering the facts to make confident decisions regarding your smoking status.