You might need employment or income verification if you're applying for a mortgage or loan, your references need to be checked or if you're leasing an apartment. Here's how to request employment and/or income verification from Chevron.

Option One

Chevron HR system. Note that this link will only work if you have access to the Chevron intranet.

  • Provide a fax number for your requestor/verifier (lender, property manager, pre-employment screener).
  • Verification of Position and Start Date will provide verification of your employment only.
  • Verification of Position, Start Date and Current Year's Earnings will provide both employment and wage verification.
  • Once requested, your verification will be faxed to the requestor/verifier within a few minutes.

Option Two

The Work Number employment verification service. Verifications can be done on the Internet or by phone. This is a good option if you don't have access to the Chevron intranet. This service is available for both current and former Chevron employees.