Welcome to Chevron's online summary plan descriptions (SPDs) and other benefit details. SPDs provide detailed information about your health, welfare and retirement plans. These benefits apply to U.S.-payroll employees, unless indicated otherwise.

Medical & Vision Plans

Your Chevron medical benefits include prescription drug and vision coverage.

Medical contacts | Vision Plus contacts | HR Service Center

Dental Plans

Dental contacts | HR Service Center

Flexible Spending Account Plans

Flexible Spending Accounts contacts | HR Service Center

Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MHSA)

MHSA contacts | Employee Assistance | HR Service Center

Life and Accident Insurance

Life & Accident contacts | HR Service Center

Disability/Sick Pay

Disability contacts | Disability Management Web site | HR Service Center

Work/Life Programs

Work/Life Program contacts | Employee Assistance | HR Service Center

Retirement Plans

Retirement contacts | HR Service Center

Retirement Savings Plans

Retirement Savings contacts | HR Service Center

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Certify Your Tobacco Use Status in October

During open enrollment all U.S.-payroll employees who have Chevron medical or supplemental life insurance coverage will be required to certify their tobacco use status. If you fail to certify your status, you'll be charged the higher monthly rates for coverage for all of 2015, whether or not you use tobacco. Learn More.