Open Enrollment and Tobacco Certification is Here

Open enrollment is October 20 through October 31, 2014.

Open enrollment this year is very different; don't ignore it. All employees are required to certify your tobacco use status during open enrollment, whether or not you use tobacco. In addition, Chevron's open enrollment is your annual opportunity to review your benefit options for the coming year. During open enrollment, you can decide to keep the coverage you currently have or make changes, such as switching to another medical plan option or adding a dependent to your coverage. If you miss the open enrollment deadline, you generally can't make any changes until the next enrollment period in the fall of 2016.

Take Action Here

Certify your tobacco use status and make other open enrollment elections on the Benefits Connection website or by calling the HR Service Center. The website is available from a Chevron network computer, on your home computer, or from a smart phone with Internet access.



It's not SPAM or Phishing
Chevron may request the HR Service Center to provide information that applies to your personal benefits enrollment situation directly to you at your Chevron email address. The emails come from the Human Resources Service Center mailbox with the email address These emails have been approved by Chevron's benefits department and can be considered safe.

Certify Your Tobacco Use Status

All U.S.-payroll employees are required to certify their tobacco use status October 20 through October 31. If you fail to certify your tobacco use status by the deadline, you'll be charged the higher monthly rates for medical and supplemental life insurance coverage for all of 2015, whether or not you use tobacco.

New Medical Plan Choice

Starting January 1, 2015, we're introducing the Chevron High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). With the HDHP you pay a low monthly premium in exchange for a high deductible. But one feature that makes the HDHP special is that it's compatible with a health savings account. A health savings account – or HSA – is like a savings plan for your healthcare. Learn more. Use tools.

Decision Tools

2015 Benefit Plan Changes


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Health Rewards

The deadline to qualify for the health reward is October 31, 2014. Complete the health questionnaire and earn 250 points before October 31 to qualify for the health rewards.

Do I Need to Do Anything?

Yes, all employees (including those on a leave of absence and not receiving COBRA coverage) are required to certify their tobacco use status. But here are other situations in which you might need to make open enrollment elections. See more examples.

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