Step 1: Get your numbers (optional).

Your numbers (such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose) provide a snapshot of your overall health and can help identify the warning signs of many serious illnesses, including cardiovascular disease. You'll be asked to provide your numbers in Step 2. You don't need your numbers to take the health questionnaire or participate in the program, but you'll receive a more accurate result if you do.

Step 2: Take the health questionnaire.

The WebMD health questionnaire is the first step in a good plan to improve your health. It helps you learn if and how your lifestyle may be contributing to your individual risk factors. The health questionnaire is free, voluntary and confidential.

Step 3: Use tools and resources to make healthy changes.

The results of your health questionnaire will include a suggested plan to help you reduce or manage your risk factors. Review the personalized education materials and resources. Use them and WebMD's other online tools and information to start making some of the suggested lifestyle changes. These resources are not medical advice or a substitute for seeking treatment or advice from your health care provider.

Program Rewards

From time to time, the Healthy Heart Program provides rewards for your participation. Depending on your local program, you may qualify to receive a reward if you complete your health questionnaire or certain activities. Learn more.