wellness resources

chevron wellness resources

In addition to the Healthy Heart Program, Chevron provides numerous resources to support the health and wellness of you and your family. You can use the programs, tools and services listed below to actively improve, maintain and manage your health and your family's health.

10K-a-day walking program

This program was developed to help you step up your physical activity. The goal of this program is to work toward walking least 10,000 steps each day. You'll receive a free pedometer and then you can log your steps online to track your progress.

chevron fitness centers - exercise at your work site

Chevron has on-site fitness facilities at our larger work locations. You'll be required to join these gyms and pay a membership fee, just as you would at any other local gym. Chevron Fitness Centers also provide a broad range of illness and injury prevention training, health education and exercise opportunities. Learn more. (Chevron intranet only)

employee assistance and worklife services

Employee Assistance and WorkLife Services is a confidential consulting service that can help you resolve a broad range of personal, family and work-related concerns or problems. You can use the service even if you aren't sure what the problem is or what you can do about it. Advisors can help you clarify the problem and develop a plan to resolve it. Services are available to Chevron employees, family members and retirees worldwide. Chevron provides this service at no cost to you. You can contact the program anytime you're experiencing:

  • Family or relationship issues or concerns.
  • Personal or emotional difficulties.
  • Major changes in your life at work or at home.
  • Adjustments to international assignments.
  • Difficulties at work.
  • Concerns about you or someone else's alcohol or drug use.

Reach an Advisor - Day or Night

  • CTN 842-3333
  • 1-925-842-3333
  • 1-800-860-8205
  • More information (Chevron intranet only).

resilient living

Resilience is the ability to face and manage adversity, challenges and changes. Resilient people and organizations use resources adaptively and thrive. Global Health and Medical has resources to help you strengthen your resiliency during times of change. Visit Resilient Living (intranet) for more information.

chevron mental health and substance abuse (MHSA) plan

The MHSA Plan is there to help you through the rough spots, even if you're not enrolled in a Chevron medical plan. This coverage is there for your eligible dependents, too, if they're enrolled in a medical plan to which Chevron contributes. Your MHSA benefits aren't just for serious mental health issues or addiction problems. You can get help for a variety of reasons, including: family or relationship issues or concerns; personal or emotional difficulties; major changes in life at work or at home; just feeling stressed out. You do not have to enroll in this plan. Chevron pays the monthly premiums, and you don't have to satisfy a deductible. Learn more.

mental health screening

Employees and family members have access to Chevron's confidential and anonymous online mental health screening tool. The tool will provide an assessment for the following conditions: depression, alcohol, eating disorders, anxiety/post-traumatic stress disorder. Take an Anonymous Screening.