All ESIP accounts are subject to certain fees:

  • Plan administration fee. As a participant in the ESIP, your account is charged a quarterly fee to cover the cost of certain plan administrative activities such as legal, accounting, recordkeeping and participant communications. The quarterly fee may change from time to time, and is deducted generally within the first week after the end of the quarter. It is paid by deducting a proportional amount from Chevron Stock and all funds in which you are invested (excluding Brokerage Option investments). The quarterly fee is currently $6.50 and appears as a separate charge on your statement.
  • Investment management fee. The investment options offered by the ESIP (excluding Chevron Stock) each charge participants an investment management fee to cover operating costs. This fee is paid through each funds’ expense ratio. More details are available in the fund prospectuses.
  • BrokerageLink account fee. If you have a brokerage account, you will pay any commissions or other transaction costs associated with your brokerage account.
  • Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service at Work (PAS-W) fee. If you enroll in the managed account program, there is a fee based on your account balance. The fee will not exceed 0.30 percent annually, and is deducted from your account balance each quarter.
  • Loan initiation fee. If you request a loan, there is a loan initiation fee of $50.