total pay and benefits statement

Chevron provides you with an array of competitive pay and benefit programs that support you and your family. These programs include compensation, health care, retirement savings and life insurance, as well as tools and resources to help you make informed decisions that directly affect your health, wealth, life and career. Your personalized Total Pay and Benefits Statement provides a snapshot of your earnings and the company's investment in you. It is intended to help you understand the value of your total pay and benefits package. In addition, your statement highlights many of the benefits available to you as a Chevron employee.

Your statement is a snapshot in time, and reflects your pay and benefits data as of January 1, 2018. It will not be updated throughout the year. You can view your statement online any time from home or work - anywhere you have access to the internet.

Your 2018 statement will be available online until new statements are generated in early 2019. At that time, your 2018 statement will be permanently removed and you won't be able to access it again. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to print or save your statement as a PDF for future reference.

Your statement is available on the Benefits Connection website. After you login, choose the Total Pay and Benefits tab from the navigation near the top of the screen.

There are some employees who will not receive a statement, including:

  • U.S.-payroll employees hired after December 1, 2017.
  • Interns on the U.S. payroll.
  • U.S.-payroll employees on certain leaves of absence.
  • Global offshore payroll employees.
  • Expatriates on assignment in the U.S.